Weekly Specials -Why Do They Work

The concept of weekly specials is not new, but its benefits are outstanding. Offering weekly specials is a unique way for your restaurant to create limited-edition meals, improve sales, and reduce waste.

Restaurateurs are familiar with specials as they are a vital component of their restaurant’s marketing kit. Weekly specials keep things interesting for customers by giving them new reasons to stop by.

There are various types of specials, e.g., daily specials, weekly specials, and seasonal specials. All of these specials work effectively for various reasons. In this article, you will be enlightened on weekly specials and why they work.

Why Do Restaurants/Cafés Have weekly Specials

1) To Make Sales: This is one of the significant reasons restaurants have weekly specials. When you take advantage of discounted drinks and meals, you can make more money in return; this means you get the extra cash in your wallet and, simultaneously, something on your table.

2) To Consider New Products: When your café/restaurant offers weekly specials, you can use the opportunity to consider new items and try out the ones you haven’t tried before. This will trigger your customers to want to try all your weekly specials.

Your local customers may get tired of your meals, especially if they’ve tried everything on your menu and never discovered any new dish. A weekly special is a great way to incentivize returning customers to see what’s new.

3) Increase The Flexibility Of Your Menu: Adding a few items to your existing menu can often be long and tiring. 

Creating new dishes and offering them as weekly specials can add variety and flexibility without going through the hassle of altering your restaurant’s menu.

How To Make Weekly Specials Work

1) Keep It Low-Priced And Simple: You don’t have to prepare an intricate meal that requires prolonged prep time and lots of ingredients for your weekly specials.

Keeping your meals simple, inexpensive, and fresh is key to successful weekly specials.

2) Determine Your intentions: Ask yourself these questions- what do I want to accomplish with my weekly specials? Do I want to increase traffic on traditionally slow days? Do you want to try a new item before adding it to my restaurant’s permanent menu? Do I want to use up food before they get wasted? 

These questions are vital because once your goals are clearly defined, you can craft your weekly specials better.

3) Promote Your Weekly Specials: No one will know about your specials if you don’t promote them. Promoting your weekly specials on social media handles is a unique way to announce them.

Ensure all your employees know about the weekly specials so they can inform every customer of the weekly specials. Other ways of promoting your restaurant/café weekly specials are updating your website, through Apps, etc.

Additionally, you can write it on a menu board and display it at the entrance of your restaurant where everyone coming in or passing by can see it or by sending it through text message to all your old customers.

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