New Compact Laminate Table Tops

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The new compact laminate is one of the best materials to create unique table tops. They can be used across educational, hospitality, and commercial settings due to their various designs and excellent quality.

If you’re thinking of a high-quality tabletop in your home, restaurant, or cafe, a compact laminate tabletop is the best choice. 

What Is Compact Laminate?

It is a decorative panel designed for various uses, both horizontally and vertically. Compact laminate’s durability and inherent strength are due to its thermosetting resins that are homogeneously reinforced with cellulose fibres and then produced under high temperature and pressure.

Compact laminate panels are durable, moisture-resistant, and self-supporting.

Where Can Compact Laminate Be Used?

The usage options of compact laminate are virtually endless; they include the following;

Toilet and shower cubicles

Restaurant table tops 

Interior wall linings 


Laboratory worktops 

Kitchen bench tops 

Furniture and cabinets

It is extensively seen in;

Leisure Areas:  Hotels, cafes, restaurants, bars, shopping centres.

Public Facilities: Schools, prisons, swimming pools, sanitary facilities, etc.

In Residential Areas: outdoor cooking, kitchen, bathrooms.

In Offices: Reception counters, furniture.

Healthcare Sector: Laboratories, hospitals.

Benefits Of New Compact Laminate Table Tops

1. Water-Resistant.

Wooden furniture can warp, deform, or rot when exposed to water; compact laminate table tops, on the other hand, are water-resistant. 

In cases of spillages, the liquid will not soak into the laminate surface, making it easy to wipe and remove stubborn stains. Compact laminate makes your table tops last longer than other materials.

2. Durability.

The new compact laminate table tops are perfect for commercial use as they can withstand heavy usage. 

Compact laminate table tops are extremely durable, hard-wearing, and resistant to damage; this means it has a longer lifespan even though used extensively.

3. Hard Wearing.

The new compact laminate is hard-wearing and tough, so it can withstand heavy usage. 

Glass surfaces and wooden table tops can easily get chipped or damaged; glass can even shatter, making them wrong choices for schools and bistro tables.

Laminate table tops are available in external grades and have UV protection, making them perfect for outdoor use. They are excellent school choices because they offer easy cleanability and resist damage from adverse weather conditions and vandalism. 

4. Easy To Clean.

Table tops made from wood can be challenging to clean, causing bacteria to lurk in the material. This is unhygienic, especially in restaurants and cafes where customer turnover is very high, and tabletops are cleaned quickly in between sittings. 

The new compact laminate table top is effortless to clean and is not susceptible to heavy cleaning substances. All you need to clean with is a bowl of warm water and a towel.

5. Space Saving.

You can cut compact laminate into any tabletop shape and size; this versatile material helps save space in your restaurant, bar, or cafe when used outside. 

On A Final Note;

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