Deals, Why Do Customers Like Them

One time-tested truth is that everybody loves freebies. Did you know that 77% of consumers mentioned that they would choose any restaurant that offers deals like buy one get one free, 2 for 1, kids eat free, etc., over any other one?

This clarifies that customers are hungry for food and savings and can visit any brick-and-mortar location if offered incentives. As a restaurant owner, you may claim to be independent, but ultimately, your customers come first.

And to attract more customers, you need to lay the bait, and you can do that by offering deals; deals are a great psychological strategy that attracts customers to your café/restaurant.

Deals are the main factor that drives traffic to your business place and determines your customer base.

Why Have Deals In Your Restaurant/Café

1) It Retains Your Existing Customers: All existing customers are loyal. When you offer deals to them, they start visiting your restaurant frequently. Most of them might begin to hold their meetings, parties, and gatherings at your restaurant, adding more business to your regular business. There are different ways keeping old customers helps;

  • You can ask your old customer for reviews; they can review your most recent dish and share their feedback.
  • You can make video testimonials with your existing customers and promote them online with their permission, of course.

2) It Promotes Your Business: The key to success in a restaurant is promotion. Irrespective of your mouthwatering deals, if people do not know about them, it’s as good as nothing.

Deals help your business quickly because a customer can share their experience online, thereby opening the door for others to come and have a taste of your dishes. Reviews in the food industry play an essential role as it is related to health. 

Hence, when you offer a good deal, you attract more customers, making you not brand with minimum effort. When customers enjoy the discounts you offer, they end up referring family and friends.

3) Startup With Little Capital: Deals & discounts scale up your restaurant business. If you have a new dish on display, for it to sell, you must run it with offers.

This strategy will not only bring in good reviews about your new dish, but its sales can add to your profit also. So many successful restaurants/café have used this method to open franchises everywhere.

Types Of Restaurant Deals

1) Buy One, Get One(BOGO): This deal is the most popular offer; it allows customers to buy an item at the total price and receive another item of lesser or equal value for free.

This discount is trendy for most restaurants/café that offer combo meals because it doubles the value of your meal. For instance, buy a bowl of noodles and get a second free bowl.

2) Birthday Discounts: What’s more exciting than your customers celebrating their birthdays yearly in your restaurant? Having birthday discounts helps make your café/restaurant a destination for people to celebrate their big day while saving money.

You can engage customers to sign up for messaging and loyalty programs. With the input of their phone numbers, birth dates, and names, you can easily contact them to remind them of their upcoming birthday.

On A Final Note;

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