Flexible Finance

We totally understand that starting a new cafe or restaurant, or growing an existing business, is difficult enough without having to invest a large amount of your capital into new furniture and equipment. Fortunately we can solve this problem with a couple of attractive finance options.

Silver Chef

Operating since 1986 as Australia’s only dedicated hospitality equipment funding solution, Silver Chef has helped thousands of customers, from start-up cafes to restaurants and large hotels, achieve their business aspirations. Their unique Rent-Try-Buy ® solution

  • Offers freedom and flexibility
  • Keeps your options open
  • Lets you preserve your working capital in order to grow your business

Unique to the market, the Rent-Try-Buy® solution means that you can pay a low weekly rental to preserve your cash flow; upgrade your equipment if it’s not quite what you want; and add more equipment as your business grows. What’s more, your payments are 100% tax deductible and since funding doesn’t appear on your balance sheet, it doesn’t affect your future borrowing ability.

How it works

You choose the furniture and equipment that you require from us and agree a price which you then ask to be funded. We’ll Contact Silver Chef who in effect will purchase the equipment from us   at the price previously agreed, and then rent it to you.

The benefits of using Silver Chef Finance

The initial agreement you enter into with Silver Chef will be for 12 months, during which time you’ll have the flexibility as a business owner to:

  • Purchase any additional equipment you want from us throughout the 12 month period and receive a 75% rental rebate (ex GST)
  • Return all of the equipment if, for whatever reason, you no longer want it
  • Upgrade if you’ve outgrown your current furniture
  • Continue to rent and the purchase price will be reduced accordingly