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With our huge selection of café table tops you’re sure to find just what you want to create the look that you’ve got in mind. Ranging from wood finishes to marble, cement, and block colours, there’s something for everyone looking to update their tables.

Table tops are one of the most obvious features in your café or restaurant design, since they’re one of the first things that customers see. Understandably then, it’s important to make the right choice. A café table top not only needs to look good, but it needs to be fit for purpose,and able to withstand rigorous daily use.


$ 89.10 incl. GST

Leading brand names

We mostly stock Werzalit and Isotop table tops which have global appeal. Affordable, practical, and functional, these good looking table tops can be used indoors and outdoors. Manufactured by  combining wood chips with resin and wax, which is pressed and moulded with laminate using extreme heat, these table tops are practically indestructible. Heat, stain, and scratch resistant,

they’re also UV treated and weatherproof. This means that they won’t fade, crack, split, or rot however harsh the weather.

Also by popular demand, we stock a selection of stainless steel table tops which give a sleek contemporary aesthetic. Not only does stainless steel look sleek and stylish but it’s strong and durable, won’t stain, rust or corrode, and also withstands denting. So if your venue has a high volume of traffic, then this table top is one tough cookie!

Which size of table top to use?

When it comes to size, then it really does matter! By carefully selecting a variety of table sizes, it’s possible to maximise your floor space, and hopefully increase your profits, while catering for a wider mix of customers. Available in a round or square style, our 600mm size is best described as a “table for two” and is perfect for placing in awkward recesses or tight corners where you’d struggle to fit a larger table. The 700mm table top is a conventional cafe table size which can accommodate 4 people; our 800mm table top can sit up to 6; and our 1200mm circular table is ideal for larger family groups and friends. In addition to these symmetrical table tops, customers can also choose from a small range of 800 x 1200 table tops which perfectly match our bench seating.

Browse and shop our range of table tops and, if you need any further information or assistance, then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

$ 89.10 incl. GST