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Seasonal Christmas Cocktails – Why They Work

martini glass

Christmas is fast approaching, and it’s the right time to start brainstorming about how to amaze your customers with different delicious Christmas cocktails.  Many restaurants serve beer and traditional wine as seasonal drinks, but you can make your restaurant stand out by delivering the wow factor. Besides, you’ll want your customers to remember having a […]

New Compact Laminate Table Tops

coffee in cup on white surface

The new compact laminate is one of the best materials to create unique table tops. They can be used across educational, hospitality, and commercial settings due to their various designs and excellent quality. If you’re thinking of a high-quality tabletop in your home, restaurant, or cafe, a compact laminate tabletop is the best choice.  What […]

Staffing Guide For Your Restaurant

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Hiring employees in any industry can be stressful, but staffing a cafe/restaurant is much more difficult. Labour is one of the significant operating costs many restaurants face. Restaurant staffing means hiring & retaining employees to create everyday shift schedules; it involves hiring and training a fleet of efficient FOH(front-of-house) and BOH(back-of-house) employees or having a […]

How To Order Stock And Maintain Stock Levels

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Ordering stock and maintaining stock levels isn’t a glamorous part of owning a cafe/ restaurant, but it is an essential aspect of running a profitable and sustainable business.  Many restaurants fail mainly due to mismanaged costs; consider these two worst-case scenarios – customers ordering an extra salad, but your restaurant is out of lettuce and […]

Upselling Techniques For Your Restaurant And Cafe

One easy way to make more money for your restaurant is through restaurant upselling. Upselling is a unique strategy that boosts the restaurant’s profit; it is more than sales; it involves knowledge, perception, and discretion.  At its best, it looks more like excellent customer service; it is done subtly to avoid making your customers feel […]

Master The Art Of Lowering Food Wastage

Food waste is a significant global problem that affects many, and it’s most apparent across the food industry. Food waste is becoming a massive burden for the industry, with ever-increasing food costs amidst supply shortages.  Also, removing this food waste involves social, environmental, and financial strain. Additionally, with the increasing demand from customers for sustainable […]

The Ultimate Guide To How Customer Service Can Impact Your Cafe And Restaurant Business

woman standing on food counter

As a cafe/restaurant owner, one essential to your success is customer service. A tested and trusted quote says, “Treat your customers right, and see them come back to your cafe repeatedly.”  Most restaurateurs and their staff lack the right skill to deliver excellent customer service to their patrons. If you’re in this category, worry no […]