Christmas Music Pros And Cons

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The Christmas season is one of the most amazing times of the year, and the aim of every restaurant and cafe during this time is to offer their customers the best Christmas experience possible.

One significant way to improve the atmosphere of your restaurant during Christmas is by playing the right Christmas music.

Listening to music positively affects the body and mind of your customers, and Christmas music will be beneficial during this busy season. In this article, we’ll enlighten you on the pros and cons of playing Christmas music in your restaurant, cafe, bar, etc.

Pros Of Christmas Music 

1. Christmas Music Decreases Stress Levels.

Do you know your favourite classic Christmas music is good for your body, especially your heart? When your customers sit down to dine, play Christmas tunes- it will help lower their blood pressure, heart rate, and cortisol levels, reducing stress. 

2. Christmas Music Improves Mood.

Hearing your favourite Christmas song can brighten your day.  Christmas and holiday classics will work wonders on your customers’ mood.

That nostalgic feeling you get while listening to your favourite Christmas tunes has a neurological effect on your customers, which means your brain’s pleasure circuit is stimulated by releasing serotonin and dopamine, which are responsible for happy feelings.

Additionally, listening to Harry Belafonte’s Christmas tune will get your customers in the Christmas spirit.

3. Christmas Music Is An Escape.

Most millennials use Christmas tunes to escape from the harsh realities of life, and many people are stressed out, but when they listen to the sounds of the season, they temporarily forget their troubles. 

Cons Of Christmas Music In Your Restaurant And Cafe

1. It Hinders Productivity And Focus.

Many people think listening to Christmas music embraces creativity; the truth is music significantly reduces the ability of your chefs and employees to focus and also makes it difficult to solve problems in various situations.

For example, when your employees are trying to be productive, and a popular Christmas Song comes up, if they know the lyrics to the song, they will have the urge to sing along. For a moment, it draws their attention away from the task before them.

This example proves that Christmas music can disrupt verbal memory and make tasks hard for your employees to complete.

2. Christmas Music Can Be Stressful.

If you don’t like the music being played, it becomes noise to your ears. Exposure to loud Christmas music can cause heart disease, stress, high blood pressure, sleep disturbances, and many more.

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