How To Engage Customers Through Live Streaming

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When running a cafe/restaurant, one of the most vital things to cultivate is customer engagement. Customer engagement brings rewards like customer loyalty, high visibility, high conversions, brand awareness, and many more. 

One of the ways to engage your customers is through live streaming. It has clawed up the competitive and rocky slope of marketing and is declared the most fun and exciting method to gain more visibility.

This article will enlighten you on engaging your customers through live streaming from your café or restaurant. Many café/restaurant owners do not know that customer engagement and live streaming go hand in hand. 

Live streaming is likened to a video call, but the only difference is that only the speaker is visible. Research shows that many individuals find solace in the transparent and personal feel of a live stream. 

Benefits Of Live Streaming In Your Café/Restaurant

Live streaming is a dynamic way to show the world what your café/restaurant entails. Let’s consider the core benefits;

1. Increases Foot Traffic.

Live streaming aims to drive foot traffic; it can convert your passive viewers to major visiting customers. With high customer engagement, your restaurant will experience more foot traffic and many table turnovers.

2. Promotion Of Menu.

You can show off your unique and compelling menus through your live streaming. You can keep your customers engaged by showing them new dishes/drinks and other menu items. 

Doing the above will generate excitement in your customers and bring in potential ones.

3. Cost Effective.

Live streaming is a cost-effective way to engage your online customers and promote your restaurants/cafe services. Live streaming eliminates the need for expensive logistics and planning; this is a significant benefit to small and growing businesses that have limited budgets.

Live Streaming Ideas To Connect And Engage Your Customers

1. Tour Guide Of Your Restaurant/Café.

Live streaming is a great way to engage with potential customers as they watch you share the amazing layout of your restaurant/café.

You can tell your viewers the story behind your restaurant, the idea behind the decor & design, and maybe the challenges faced during the start of your restaurant. 

2. Live Stream Your Café/Restaurant Events.

People love where the action is. Live streaming events in your restaurant while it’s happening, can show people how much fun they are missing. 

To do this effectively, make available a quality live audio recording for seamless live streaming. Ensure to get the permission of all the performers before live streaming.

3. Host An Ask Me Anything(AMA).

Host an exciting and interactive question & answer session with your live viewers. Your customers will get excited upon hearing their questions answered and their names called over.

This provides an opportunity for a few banters and shows off your personality.

On A Final Note;

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