Upselling Techniques For Your Restaurant And Cafe

One easy way to make more money for your restaurant is through restaurant upselling. Upselling is a unique strategy that boosts the restaurant’s profit; it is more than sales; it involves knowledge, perception, and discretion.

 At its best, it looks more like excellent customer service; it is done subtly to avoid making your customers feel pestered or annoyed.

Upselling for your cafe or restaurant is a win-win situation; let’s explain further;

  • Your staff wins because they receive higher tips 
  • Your customers win because your chefs can customize meals to suit their tastes.
  • Your restaurant and cafe business wins because you’ll experience increased check sizes and more revenue.

Keep on reading; this article will show you various upselling techniques. Upselling is similar to suggestive selling because it leads to an increase in the price of your meals. 

To incorporate upselling in your restaurant,  you’ll need to upgrade your customer service, which means working it into your overall operations.

Upselling Techniques For Your Cafe And Restaurant 

I. Add More Menu Modifiers Into Your POS.

You can do more than use menu modifiers in your POS. For example, there are classic menu modifiers like avocado on a sandwich or gravy with fries, but how about modifiers for cocktails with an appetizer or coffee with dessert?

Below are some menu modifiers you can consider incorporating into your restaurant menu ;

  • Burgers by the Ounce (8oz, 6oz, 4oz)
  • Protein powder in all smoothies
  • Liqueurs in coffee with great desert
  • Sparkling water instead of the regular tap water 
  • High-end meat options for burgers, e.g., Wagu, lamb, or Kangaroo.
  • Ounce upselling for vintage wine-by-the-glass(9oz vs 6oz)

Know that when using a POS to remind your staff to upsell, you are automating an excellent customer service experience.  Note – POS menu modifiers last forever, while verbal reminders do not stick around for long.

2. Purchase A Self-Ordering Kiosk.

Many customers love self-ordering kiosks because of various reasons. Let’s look at a few;

  • There’s no need to speak to any wait staff to order their food.
  • The waiting time to use the kiosks is short.
  • Your customers can add many menu add-ons without any of your staff interfering. This particular reason is why ordering kiosks drive in more customers & increases your check sizes.
  • When a customer is piling on bacon, cheese, and avocado on their burgers, chances are they’ll be doing it through a machine instead of staff in your restaurant. 
  • Tapping a screen saves time, and the screen will not secretly judge them for their choice of ordering. 

For the younger generation that is already used to interacting with screens, the self-ordering kiosk is a dream come true for them. 

3. Do Not Annoy The Customer.

There’s a fine line between annoying a customer you’re making suggestions to and effective upselling techniques. It is vital to know the difference so you do not leave a wrong impression on the customer so they won’t like to come back to your restaurant.

No customer wants to be bombarded with attempts to upsell or bombarded with suggestions because it may make them unhappy with your restaurant. 

Train your staff to know how to drop suggestions and when to drop them; this is an essential factor in effective upselling.

Ensure your servers use the upselling techniques naturally so the customer does not realize when they are upselling to them. 

On A Final Note;

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