Offering The Right Deals In Your Cafe And Restaurant

There’s hard evidence out there that shows that restaurant deals, discounts, and promotions can bring you more customers and more money in your pocket. 

Before starting any offer or deal, you should know the various deals you can implement in your restaurant and if they are best for your customers. 

In this article, we’ll be looking at the different types of deals and how to get more customers by offering the right deals. 

Types Of Restaurants And Cafes Deals

It is now clear that deals and discounts make customers happy, but what are the various deals available?

1. Two For One Special.

This type of deal is common, especially in late-night infomercials. It mainly involves entrees, drinks, and more. Offering your customers two for one price means the discount is profound; it will make them happy and always return. 

The science behind this deal shows that offering a deep discount on one item will encourage customers to buy more items impulsively than they otherwise would have, thereby raising overall revenue. 

This deal encourages customers to splurge on extra food items like desserts or appetizers.

2. Happy Hour.

This type is a classic restaurant promotion deal designed to drag in the after-work crowd. Appetizers and discounted drinks are the most common happy hour offerings, and its goal is to entice more people to buy after a long day at work.

It is a classic promotion that results in an upsell. Happy hour is the busiest time of the day for restaurants and bars that sells alcohol. Data shows that restaurants & bars in the USA generate up to 60% of their weekly sales during happy hour. 

Even with the discounts, your customers will spend more on drinks and food during happy hour. 

3. Loyalty Programs.

This is one of the most common restaurant deals today. It offers perks like free items to customers who always visit a restaurant.  Good loyalty programs can turn a one-off guest into a loyal customer that returns repeatedly.

People will visit a restaurant/cafe that will give them perks for their loyalty. Yes, the loyalty program works.

4. Calendar-Based Deals And Discounts.

 If Tuesdays or Thursdays are usually slow for your restaurant, you can offer a deal on these days to bring in more crowd thereby increasing sales.

Offering calendar-based discounts like Valentine’s Day deals, Grand Final (AFL or NRL), St Patrick’s Day or New Year-themed deals for January can draw in hungry people looking to celebrate.

One proof of calendar-based discounts is that they can boost sales during slower times of the week, month, or year. 

If you want to make the most out of your calendar-based deal, ensure your customers know that specific time deals are not every time and that your restaurant will happily welcome them anytime.

You can offer a small discount, like 10% off, on their next visit; you can email this information. Outstanding service and food come in here if your customer’s dining experience is excellent, they won’t mind paying more the next time they visit.

On A Final Note;

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