The Ultimate Guide To How Customer Service Can Impact Your Cafe And Restaurant Business

woman standing on food counter

As a cafe/restaurant owner, one essential to your success is customer service. A tested and trusted quote says, “Treat your customers right, and see them come back to your cafe repeatedly.” 

Most restaurateurs and their staff lack the right skill to deliver excellent customer service to their patrons. If you’re in this category, worry no more.  

Good customer service includes providing quick, excellent, and courteous service to meet customers’ needs while dining in your cafe/restaurant. 

How you relate with a customer can determine whether they become recurring customers. Most cafe/restaurant owners do not know that even with their best ambiance, ample waitstaff coverage, and superb menu, they can still lose customers. 

A 2017 report shows that more than 60% of customers will frequently visit a cafe/restaurant where they had a positive customer service experience. So, excellent customer service is a great way to increase your sales and drive repeat business. 

Tips To Deliver An Excellent Customer Service

Customer service is not that hard; while you can professionally train your staff, it mostly comes down to the little things that can capture a customer’s heart.

You might not know it, but a little smile can go a long way in ensuring flawless customer service. Let’s look at some of the tips;

1. Consider How You Would Want To Be Served.

Did you know that the correct service standards for a customer can be very different from that of a restaurateur? Sounds unfair, right? 

As a cafe/restaurant owner, you might feel you’re doing everything right, but for your customers, your standard of service may be overpowering or even lacking. 

To overcome these biases,  evaluate how you want to be served if you are a customer. The key to excellent customer service is striking a perfect balance between the two ends, i.e., your view as a Cafe/restaurant owner and the view of your customer. 

2. Place Yourself In Your Customers’ Shoes.

Before beginning your daily operations, enter your cafe/restaurant as a customer. By doing this, you will end up seeing what your customers see and feel what they feel when they enter your business place. 

Humans are subconscious beings, and the way the entire cafe/restaurant behaves has enough capacity to determine how the dining experience would be for them. 

If one of your waitstaff does not smile when greeting a customer, it will make the customer feel uncomfortable, no matter how polite they seem. 

The main thing to do is set the pace of a blissful experience. 

3. Your Staff Manners Should Be Top-notch.

Ensure you train your staff on the proper service manners; ensure they understand service etiquette, as it can make all the difference. 

Vital etiquettes to remember are;

  • Drinks should be poured from the right side of the customer. 
  • Meals should be served and cleared from the left side of the customer. 
  • If the food will be served on plates, serve the women first, the men, and then the children. 
  • Ensure the customer does not ask before their table is cleared or to process their bills. Your staff should do this promptly. 
  • Ensure your server is polite and knows when a customer needs extra napkins or cutleries. 

On A Final Note; 

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