Music In Cafes And Restaurants: How It Makes You Feel

Music is evocative, and it can influence you and your customers’ dining experience positively. Many cafe owners make the mistake of appealing to their customer’s sense of taste when they need to focus on another essential factor of the human senses, which is hearing. 

All human senses are linked; they all play vital roles in creating the perfect ambiance for your cafe, restaurant, bar, etc. In this article, we will enlighten you on music in cafes/restaurants and how it makes you feel as a customer.

People have always loved combining food with good music; in Roman times, minstrels entertained guests at medieval feasts, and musicians sang and performed during dinner parties; today, it is much more common. 

If you are running a classy restaurant, a cozy cafe, or a hip bar, know that music plays a huge and vital role; it notifies your customers that you’d love for them to get up and dance, relax, linger, leave quickly, or never revisit your place.

How Does Music Influence Your Mood In Cafes And Restaurant

The tunes you hear can keep you or ruin your dining experience; it is so powerful that they can make you feel energized, change your mood, or put you to sleep. The right background music befits the cafe’s brand persona.

Since it has a strong psychological effect on people’s behavior, you must carefully choose the right background music for your restaurant/cafe.

1) Slow-Tempo Music Makes You Stay Longer: 

Studies show that customers who listen to slow-tempo music spend more time eating than customers who listen to fast-tempo music.

This is because they love the atmosphere more-it gives a soothing and relaxing mood; however, low-tempo music might incur longer waiting times for new customers.

2) No Music At All: 

If there’s no music playing in a cafe, there is this possibility that you will feel uneasy; because you wouldn’t want the people at the table closer to you to eavesdrop on you.

Also, the sounds of cutleries on dishes aren’t a pleasant tone to hear. 

3) Fast And High-Volume Music Will Increase Your Table Turnover: 

This will potentially increase any cafe’s table turnover as customers will drink and eat faster due to the rhythm of the music.

Benefits Of Adding Music To Your Cafe And Restaurant Business

1) It Impacts The Flavor Of Your Food: 

Your choice of song can make your meals taste better; playing low-pitched music in your cafe and restaurant can make your meals more tasteful, while high-pitched music improves the flavors. 

Too much volume will shatter your customer’s sense of taste, making drinks and meals less flavorful.

2) Good music Makes Waiting Time More Comfortable: 

If you play a fabulous and relaxing tune in your cafe, waiting customers won’t be worried or anxious. 

Tip: if your cafe/restaurant is always busy, ensure you play slow, soothing, and pleasant tunes to rejuvenate your customer’s mood as they wait for their morning coffee.

On A Final Note;

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