Cross Back Chairs In Light Timber Used In Wineries

The cross back chair goes by different names, such as farm chairs, wedding chairs, x-back chairs, and crossback chairs. Their elegance makes them a popular choice for restaurateurs that want stylish yet affordable furniture. 

Not only do cross-back chairs stand out for their elegant look, but they are also convenient, durable, and hard-wearing.

Brief History Of Cross-Back Chairs

Cross-back chairs were originally called bentwood chairs and were the most popular seating furniture used in bars and wineries. 

This is because they are comfortable to sit in; they have a traditional appearance that looks inviting to patrons, encouraging them to stay longer in your bars, pubs, and wineries.

Originally they were manufactured by bending the wood instead of joining it, making them require maintenance occasionally. 

Cross-back chairs, initially bentwood chairs, stood out for the way they were made – which involves steaming alone with no extra materials. The steaming process softens the wood so it can be bent into its desired shape.

Present-day bentwood chairs, known as cross-back chairs, offer a gentle curve that allows your customers to be more comfortable when they sit. 

This bentwood-inspired chair has a stackable feature that cafe owners love; you can easily stack them when not in use or place them in your winery corridor or a convenient storage room. Also, they can be brought out quickly when needed most.

In summary, cross-back chairs are the reincarnation of the iconic bentwood chairs; Our cross back chairs still uphold the unique essence of the original bentwood chair design.

Different Cross-Back Chairs To Consider

1) Cross Back Chair In Light Timber: 

This chair features a light-colored timber chair that is perfect for wineries, bars, and alfresco dining. This unique chair can be used for indoor only. It has iconic bentwood curves that sit below the seat, making it easily recognizable by your patrons/customers. 

2) Gunmetal Cross Back Chair In Walnut Timber: 

This distinctive and trendy chair is respected by all because it integrates the tenderness of wood and the stability of steel.

The seat is made from highly recycled timber, while the form is made from steel, giving it a distressed look. 

At Cafe Chairs Melbourne, no two chairs look entirely alike. This cross-back bentwood chair is for indoor use only.

3) Resin Cross Back Chair In White: 

This chair is solid yet stylish because the frame used to manufacture it is reinforced with steel rods. It gives off a classy look and design that is perfect for any modern or traditional venue. 

This chair can be stacked for transportation and stored in convenient storage; this makes it perfect for wedding venues. 

Why Purchase Cross Back Chairs

1) They Are Portable And Convenient: 

One primary reason why our cross-back chairs are preferred over other dining bar chairs is that it can be stacked easily, and it takes up less storage space. 

It comes with a good backrest that supports the back of your customers. Also, this chair can withstand all the rigors of a busy winery because of its durable feature. 

2) Great For Outdoor Space: Our unique and stylish range of cross-back chairs adds a touch of sophistication to alfresco dining. 

They are perfect for busy wineries since they need minimum maintenance; spillage and food debris can be wiped off easily with a damp cloth/towel. 

These cross-back chairs can be easily disassembled in your outdoor space adding further versatility and charm.

On A Final Note;

At Cafe Chairs Melbourne, we offer a broad range of high-quality commercial, traditional, and trending café, restaurants, wineries, etc., furniture at great value for your money prices. 

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