Flooring In Cafes

The success of your Cafe business lies in the way it is presented to the public, as first impressions matter. Your commercial space, such as cafes, pubs, restaurants, bars, etc., accommodates large quantities of people daily. 

Most people come to relax during lunch break, some to enjoy their morning coffee, while others want to chill out after a long day at work. 

You must choose the right type of flooring that can withstand food and drink spillage, foot traffic, and impact while still looking clean, stylish, and attractive. 

The right flooring in cafes should create an atmosphere of relaxation that is less noisy and aesthetically pleasing. Before you purchase any flooring for your restaurant, make sure you consider the following; 

  • Slip and fall resistant.
  • Resistant to food and liquid stains.
  • Offers an inviting and relaxing atmosphere.
  • Resistant to heavy foot traffic.
  • Low-Cost Maintenance.
  • Easy Cleaning.

All these requirements are vital if your cafe is a place of high foot traffic and food dining.

Flooring Choices For Your Cafe

1) Vinyl Flooring: This flooring is an excellent choice for your cafe because it offers cushioned flooring for your business; it provides a safe and soft surface to walk on. It has a unique and beautiful appearance, diverse colors, and limitless designs. 

At Cafe Chairs Melbourne, we have custom-made designs that will suit your needs. One of the reasons people choose this flooring is that it has a similar look to hardwood flooring and is less expensive. Vinyl flooring reduces echo and insulates sound. 

2) Carpet Flooring: If you want your Cafe to be intimate and cozy, carpet flooring is the best option. Opting for carpet flooring may seem risky as there will be lots of drink and food spillage.

Regardless, there are ways you can minimize these risks, like constantly mopping wet areas. It has a handful of advantages like soft underfoot, sound dampening, inexpensive, easy to clean, easy maintenance, and much more. 

3) Concrete: One prominent feature of concrete is its durability. This flooring is best for cafes and high-traffic areas because it is strong and offers easy maintenance; it reduces damage from impacts and resists food and drink stains. 

Concrete floors are incredibly versatile – they can be dyed to different colors and finished with a unique pattern for a classic cafe look. You can change the color of your concrete floor constantly if you want.

4) Hardwood Flooring: This flooring has a timeless style that will suit your cafe’s design. This classic flooring has a lot of advantages that make it stand out; it gives off a beautiful and warm look, is easy to clean, and can be refinished instead of replaced. 

If you want a unique installation pattern for your cafe, visit us at Cafe Chairs Melbourne to peek at our unique variants of hardwood flooring.

 On A Final Note;

The right flooring for your cafe attracts customers both old and potential customers. At Cafe Chairs Melbourne, we have a wide range of commercial furniture that can help compliment your cafe’s interior design.