Choosing The Best Coffee Supplier

One dilemma many Cafe and Coffee shop owners face when starting up is the challenge of choosing the best coffee supplier. If you want the best coffee for your customers, you need a reliable supplier because some coffee can taste amazing, but deliveries don’t come on time.

Once you find the perfect cup of coffee your customers love, the next question should be, can my coffee supplier deliver consistently for my business to keep running? 

Choosing the best coffee supplier is very important as there are a lot of coffee suppliers out there, so you need to know how to choose well and wisely. For example, choosing the best coffee supplier can be likened to looking for a new restaurant; you don’t just go to the first one you discover. 

Take time to check their online reviews, the pros and cons of dining there, and if the restaurant will heighten your overall dining experience. Read on to discover how to choose the best coffee supplier.

How To Choose The Best Coffee Supplier

1) Go For Quality: The coffee world expands every day with a variety of coffee options for coffee lovers to choose from. So, when choosing a supplier, let your taste buds do all the work. Visit your supplier’s warehouse and have a taste of their coffee first-hand.

Inspect all the equipment they use for roasting the coffee beans and where it is stored. The temperature in the storage room should be between 20-25°Fahrenheit because excess humidity and heat can damage the quality and flavor of the coffee beans.

Not everyone loves creamy dark roasts; others love caffeinated light roasts, while some like their coffee smooth and sweet. Although providing the perfect coffee for every customer may seem impossible, you can cover all your bases by providing quality coffee options that will appeal to everyone’s taste.

Choose a coffee roaster that offers various coffee bean options; allow your coffee to speak for itself with quality and delicious flavor.

2) Ask For Testimonials/References: Visit your supplier’s website and take note of the customers they showcase. Visit these customers and inquire about the quality of their supplier’s coffee. 

You’ll be surprised at how you will receive genuine information from individuals in the cafe industry. If you can’t find any testimonials on their website, ask them directly for their customer’s name and address so you can talk to them. 

If they can’t provide a list of happy customers immediately, then their authenticity needs to be questioned.

3) Buy Local First: This isn’t always feasible but it makes total sense to buy from a local coffee supplier first. Look at it from the perspective of developing a long and lasting relationship. 

Purchasing local coffee beans is a great selling point to your customers as most of them are increasingly interested in where the coffee bean they are consuming is sourced from, with a significant emphasis on supporting local businesses and suppliers.

On A Final Note;

Hopefully, this article has covered how to choose the best coffee supplier for your cafe. At Cafe Chairs Melbourne, we have excellent and durable coffee equipment that will help you serve your customers to their fullest. Visit our website now to see our cafe accessories.