How To Set A Table Depending On Your Cafe/Restaurant

Table settings are one of the most crucial decorations of your cafe/restaurant, so you must understand how to set your tables for any occasion.

Table settings are the unique placement of centerpieces, cutlery, silverware, napkins, etc., for your customers to enjoy their meals. The style of your table setting sends a message to your customers, informing them about the quality of service they should expect. 

For example, an empty table with no setting indicates that the service will be simple. Still, if you add a placemat and some silverware, your customers’ dining experience will elevate. The more items in your table setting, the more formal the service. 

Most restaurants and cafes like to set their table before a customer enters; in some restaurants, the servers will bring the cutlery to you after you sit, while some have a cutlery station where you can go and grab the cutlery yourself. 

The best method is to have your table already set. Learn how to set a table depending on your cafe/restaurant. 

What You Need To Set A Table In Your Cafe/Restaurant

Below lies all that contributes to a restaurant table;

1) Forks: Dessert forks, regular forks.

2) Plates: Salad plate, dinner plate, appetizer plate, saucers, bread plate, and dessert plate

3) Knives: Butter knife, steak knife, and regular knife.

4) Glasses: Water glass, beer glass, wine glass, and cocktail glasses.

5) Condiments: Salt shaker, pepper shaker, butter, etc.

6) Items: Kids’ cups, napkins, placemats, tablecloths, menus/QR codes.

How To Set A Cafe Table For Breakfast

The only goal your customers want to achieve as they enter your cafe every morning is to have a delicious and healthy breakfast. So here’s how to make your hungry customers enjoy their yummy breakfast. 

1) Go for a fresh and light theme; you can use colored table linen.

2) Make a few condiments available, like honey, jams, butter, and salt.

3) Set all the necessary cutlery; forks, knife, butter knife, teaspoons, and cereal spoon. 

4) A water and juice glass, coffee cup, and saucer should also be available on the table.

5) Do not overcrowd your cafe table; place a floral centerpiece and some fresh fruits.

Restaurant Table Settings

1) Basic Table setting: This simple table setting suits all restaurants and cafes. With this table setting, your customers will feel welcomed. Here’s how to set the table;

  • Place a serving plate in the middle.
  • A clean napkin should be placed on the left side of the plate with a fork resting on it.
  • Place your knife on the right side of the plate.
  • Position your coffee cup, saucer, and water glass above the knife; it should be placed slightly to the right.

2) Casual Table Setting: This setting best suits contemporary casual restaurants. How to set this table;

  • Place your serving plate in the middle of the table.
  • Place a bread plate at the top left side of the serving plate. A butter knife should be placed on top of the bread plate; ensure the handle faces the right and the blade faces downwards.
  • Your silverware should be on the left-hand side of the serving plate; the dinner fork should be on the inside, while the salad fork should be outside.
  • On the right-hand side of your serving plate, the silverware should consist of a soup spoon, dinner knife, and teaspoon.
  • A water glass should be placed above the dinner knife.
  • Your wine glass should be placed on the right side of the water glass.

On A Final Note; 

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