Why Polypropylene Chairs Are The Perfect Post Pandemic Choice

polypropylene chairs are an excellent post-pandemic choice for cafe ownersCovid-19 has had a huge impact on businesses with cafe owners, in particular, needing to reconsider both their outdoor layouts and choice of furniture post-pandemic. If we were asked to recommend the best choice of furniture for this climate, we’d have no hesitation in recommending polypropylene chairs, and here’s why.

Polypropylene chairs – 7 reasons to choose them for your venue


In the light of Covid-19 safety has to be a number one priority for cafes and other venues serving food and drink. Polypropylene or plastic offers a great solution as not only is it quick and easy to clean between customer sittings but because it’s made from a single piece of material with no joints or sharp corners or edges there’s no need to worry about any sharp corners or edges that potentially cause harm, especially to young children.


Following the impact the pandemic has had on the economy, it’s only natural for hospitality venues seeking to expand their seating space to be looking for a cost-effective solution. Polypropylene chairs provide the perfect answer since they’re relatively inexpensive and more affordable than other options such as wood or metal.


Polypropylene is super-strong and long-lasting. The chances of damage caused by knocking it over compared to other materials are minimal. What’s more, plastic chairs here at Cafe Chairs Melbourne, are UV treated, resistant to staining, and do not crack or rust in adverse weather conditions, meaning they continue to maintain their pristine appearance for the long term.


Another fantastic benefit of polypropylene chairs is that it only takes one person to lift them up and move them around to meet social distancing needs, for example.  Since they stack, it’s easy to store them away in a cupboard until such time as you need them without taking up too much space.


So far, we’ve discussed the merits of using polypropylene furniture outdoors but once you can accommodate more people inside, it’s sufficiently stylish to be used indoors too.

Enjoyable to use

Polypropylene furniture comes in a huge range of styles and colours so you can have fun designing an outdoor space that will wow your customers. The aesthetic options are only limited by your imagination. What’s more, modern plastic furniture is far more comfortable than it was back in the day, so customers will be more than happy to linger.


The majority of polypropylene chairs are manufactured using recycled polypropylene so it’s environmentally friendly. For any forward-thinking cafe owner, this has to be a deal-breaker.

Ready to revamp your seating space?

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