A Brief History of The Tolix Chair

Tolix Chair - a brief history Cafe Chairs Melbourne’s popular Tolix chairs are inspired by the iconic Tolix chair designed by Xavier Pauchard in 1934 which combines timeless French industrial style with practicality.

Both Pauchard’s father and grandfather earned their living as zinc roofers and it was through Pauchard’s metal related expertise that he discovered it was possible to protect sheet metal from rust by galvanising it or dipping it in molten zinc.

Pauchard set up his own factory in 1917 manufacturing steel goods, 10 years after making this discovery under the brand name Tolix – which, incidentally, is still in operation today.

1934 saw the emergence of the Tolix chair which was referred to as Model A. It was designed both for indoor and outdoor use, hence the holes in the seat which were intended to rainwater drain to prevent puddling on the seat. Although it was appealing to cafe and bar owners, it was deemed impractical because it didn’t stack properly. So, back to the drawing board and eventually in 1956, a new version was launched which had a slimmer frame and could be stacked up to 25 chairs high or 2.3 metres.

Worldwide Fame

Sime then, the Tolix chair has become a favourite worldwide and can be found in bars, restaurants and homes thanks to its durable, retro-chic style. Such is its iconic status that examples are on display in Paris’s Pompidou Centre and New York’s Museum of Modern Art.

Today, an original Tolix chair can be picked up for around £200. While that’s fine if you’re a collector and only want 1 or 2, it’s not practical for cafe and bar owners. Fortunately, there are plenty of replica Tolix chairs on the market, including our own replica Tolix chairs.

The Tolix Chair – A Modern Touch

Our high-quality replica Tolix chairs are manufactured from steel and precision welded to ensure the durability needed for the hospitality environment. Fitted with rubber stops on the feet to prevent them from scratching the floor, they can be safely stacked up to 10 high enabling just one person to move them quite easily.

The perfect finish for your venue

As well as its retro style, our replica Tolix chairs are a popular choice because of their versatility. Available in orange, apple green, pink, red, yellow, white, silver, blue, black and antique copper, there’s an option for every colour scheme. We even have Tolix bar stools to match and in 3 different sizes, which are perfect lined up beneath a bar counter. Another benefit of our replica Tolix chairs is that they look great mixed with a variety of tables including our square rustic Maple Isotop table and our Choco oak Isotp table with Tolix base.

Why not take a closer look at our replica Tolix chairs by browsing our online store or visiting our showroom in Melbourne where you can see them up close.