Small Stools – What’s Not to Like About Them?

small stoolsSmall stools make a great addition to any cafe or bar and are surprisingly versatile. While they made their first debut in small independent coffee shops, nowadays they can be found in big cafe chains, restaurants and homes around the world. We’ve put together a few ways that you could maybe make use of them.

Use them at communal tables

Communal dining tables never cease to be popular in urban cafes and while they’re often paired with benches, we think they work just as well, if not better, with small stools. For a start, they’re less bulky than a bench and make the space around the table appear more spacious. Also, it’s far easier for a person to sit at the table and leave by pulling back an individual stool rather than climbing over the bench. Doing away with a bench also creates more of a flexible casual dining space and creates a smaller carbon footprint.

Small stools add personality

Small stools typically cost less than chairs and depending on their colour, style, and material provide a great way to add personality to a bland space. Using small stools such as our colourful replica Tolix small stools can transform a dull or awkward space turning it into an area that customers suddenly make a beeline for. With their iconic design, Tolix stools are practical and functional and customers just love them.

Use them for multi-use spaces

While multi-use furniture is bang on trend, so too is a multi-use space within a café. Utilising small stools in your cafe can provide a choice of seating which customers like and because they’re lightweight, they can be easily moved around to meet customer needs. Chairs, in contrast, are heaver and not intended to be moved around by customers since in doing so, they could inadvertently damage other items of furniture.

Another stool that gives our Tolix stools a run for their money is the small hairpin stool. This cute stool features a round timber seat and black hairpin legs. Delivered ready assembled and good to go, they’re also stackable which makes them a good choice if you’re looking for additional seating to be brought out at your busy times. They also provide convenient storage by taking up less room than non-stacking stools or chairs.

Why not browse our selection of small stools in our online store or drop by our showroom to try them out for size.  We have a wide range of stools at Cafe Chairs Melbourne and offer the best prices in town.