What To Look For When Choosing Cafe Furniture

When it comes to choosing cafe furniture then naturally the style, size, and colour varies according to the facility, the theme, and the functionality that it’s intended for. However there are 5 crucial elements that all cafe and bistro furniture should incorporate, and these are what you need to focus on before making your choice.

Strong construction

Any cafe or bistro furniture that you’re considering for your venue should be designed primarily for commercial use. Unlike furniture that you buy for your home, commercially built furniture is constructed differently to allow for continual use and can withstand the daily rigours of a bustling cafe or bistro. In fact, much of our furniture has been AFRDI tested and certified which means that it is fit for purpose and is indeed a quality product.

Timeless design

While you may be attracted by a quirky design or vivid colour, you could find that you soon get fed up with it or that your customers don’t like it. To avoid the need to keep updating your cafe furniture, it’s a wise move to stick to designs which have proven to be popular within the industry for decades and continue to be so. We’re talking styles such as Bentwood and Tolix chairs which remain popular and are available in a variety of designs, as well as wicker Parisian chairs, which also have a large following and give a lovely Mediterranean vibe. These designs are timeless and yet have the ability to look up to date at all times.

Compatible with your décor

Speaking of designs it makes sense to purchase chairs which fit in well with your décor or theme. You can do this by considering the material they’re made from. If you have an industrial interior for instance, then Tolix chairs are a perfect fit. Made from all metal or metal with a wooden seat, these iconic chairs fit with a theme which is all about raw, natural materials. If, on the other hand, your cafe has a traditional or classic style, then Bentwood chairs would be a good fit. With their sensual curves and gorgeous dark or light wood finish they always look amazing.

High quality finish

Whatever furniture you choose ensure that the finish is good especially if you’re looking to buy outdoor furniture. We’d recommend aluminium or polypropylene for outdoor use since this is waterproof, weather resistant, and easy to care for in the harsh Australian climate. Polypropylene in particular comes in a wide variety of exciting styles and gorgeous colours, so it’s great for an outdoor patio and sure to attract passers by.

Reasonable cost

Ultimately your choice may come down to price so take a look at the price tag but don’t compromise on quality. Cheap doesn’t have to mean poor quality as some of our lowest priced furniture has passed AFRDI testing with flying colours.


At Cafe Chairs Melbourne we stock an extensive range of cafe and bistro furniture and because we deal direct with the manufacturers we’re able to keep our prices low. Why not browse our online store, download our latest furniture catalogue, or visit our showroom where you can try out the goods for yourself.