Cafe Trends For 2018

Cafe trends come and go and some you may embrace wheareas others you won’t. We’ve taken a closer look at 4 trends you can expect to see in cafes throughout 2018. See what you think …….

Remote controlled lighting

It seems that the rustic look is to be replaced with sleek surfaces and rich woods adorned by greenery, but if that’s not to your taste then you might just want to change your lighting. All the top designers are in agreement that bespoke lighting is most definitely the trend to embrace this year. We’re not talking just about the style of lights but more about the fact that technology will play a huge part in lighting, enabing the user to take control of their lighting either through an app or remote control. Single bulbs in any space will be able to turned on and off, dimmed down, or even changed colour with absolute ease. How exciting does that sound!

Retro finishes

Chrome was very much the material of choice in the 60’s and 70’s and now it’s making a comeback in cafe and restaurant interiors. Expect to see this flashy metal replacing the more traditional brass finish that’s often seen in canopies and soffits over the bar.

Do you remember linoleum? Yes, the sort of flooring that was probably in your grand parent’s house. Well, if the designers are to be believed, then lino will be BIG with a wide choice of colours and patterns.


There’s been a rise in the amount of greenery and plants making their way into cafes and restaurants over the last few years and this is a trend that’s not about to disappear. Research has shown that being surrounded by greenery can have positive effects on our health so it’s likely that more interior designs will feature ornamental plants. At the same time, as well as being nice to look at, we can expect herbs to be on show in restaurants and cafes, and widely being used on the menu.


With social media playing a large part in getting your cafe or restaurant noticed, and Instagram in particular having become so popular, cafe and restaurant owners aren’t just going to create food that looks great. Instead they’ll also be looking to add objects of interest, stunning patterned floors, and even neon signs in order to produce that perfect Instagram moment that gives their venue more recognition.

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