Top Tips on Buying Commercial Cafe Furniture

commercial cafe furnitureAt Cafe Chairs Melbourne, we’re committed to helping our customers find the perfect item of commercial cafe furniture for their venue. Whether it’s a bar stool, a poseur table, or a table and chair set, selecting furniture that complements your décor and tells customers what you’re about, is key to successful styling. Read our top tips and you’ll find shopping for your venue is a breeze.

Research, research

No matter where you decide to buy your commercial cafe furniture from, it’s important to carry out some research first. Naturally, the obvious questions to ask relates to delivery and returns and checking out testimonials will help establish the credibility of your supplier.

Durability is critical

We may be stating the obvious but choosing strong sturdy commercial cafe furniture that can withstand everyday use in a bustling environment is a must. Furniture made from wood or metal is hard-wearing and designed for quick turnover establishments. Our replica Tolix range is particularly hardwearing and affordably priced.

Commercial Cafe Furniture – Choose easy maintenance items

Cleanliness is naturally a top priority in the food industry so when buying commercial cafe furniture it’s important to consider how easy the furniture will be to clean and maintain. If you’re choosing upholstered furniture then make sure it can be wiped clean and dust it regularly to keep it in tip-top condition.

Less is more

While it can be tempting to squeeze in extra tables to accommodate more guests, remember to keep sufficient space between tables so that customers are afforded some privacy and waiting staff can move freely between tables too.

Comfort is key

Customer comfort is almost more important than the type of coffee that you serve. Opting for upholstered commercial cafe furniture or adding a seat cushion is key to ensuring customer comfort and is likely to ensure that they stay for longer and order another round of drinks or food.

Be consistent

Depending on the feel and look of your cafe you can choose your commercial cafe  furniture to help sell your brand and tell your story. By matching your décor, furniture and menu to your theme, customers will find themselves drawn into your world. Remember, creating an interior that is Instagram worthy will help spread the word too.

Alternatively, to stand your cafe out from the crowd, make it as quirky and individual as you can by using a mismatch of furniture in various shapes and sizes complemented by unique pictures on your walls and a variety of different crockery for your tables.  In other words, try and bring personality into your interior. 

Here at Cafe Chairs Melbourne we stock a wide range of commercial cafe furniture and are constantly updating our inventory so if you don’t find something you like it’s always worth checking back from time to time.