Why Booth Seating Could Be Ideal For Your Restaurant/Cafe

booth seatingBooth seating is extremely popular in restaurants and some cafe owners find it works for them too. Some venues prefer to fit out their entire space with booth seating, but it also works well around the perimeter edge of a dining area with table and chair sets in the middle section. If you haven’t considered using booth seating before, then take a look at the many benefits it offers.

Maximise the Features of Your Venue

Every restaurant is different and the best thing about booth seating is that it can be designed to complement your venue’s architecture and character. Restaurant owners can take full advantage of this to create their own unique space.

Few dining areas are completely square, and many have awkward corners and recessed walls. While this can cause a problem with traditional seating when there is often not enough space for customers to pull out their chairs, this isn’t the case with booth seating. In this instance, it’s incredibly easy to create comfortable dining areas for your customers.

Customers Like Booth Seating

Booth seating is more comfortable than other types of seating and gives customers a certain level of privacy. It can feel like an exclusive space for a group of diners and they don’t have to worry about people constantly walking past them.

Privacy is one of the main requirements of diners, and you can design your booth seating to provide this. For example, the height of the seats can be increased to stop noise from other booths travelling to adjacent booths and also prevents anyone from being disturbed.

Large Bookings are Easier to Manage

Restaurants always welcome larger booking because naturally, this means more profit. That said, restaurant owners don’t want them to disturb other customers. Booth seating is immensely useful because a large group can be fitted into their own private booth space away from other customers.

It’s also a good option for groups who come in with children since more children can be sat on a booth rather than each of them having a chair. Although, it isn’t necessarily the ideal situation for all customers, booth seating enables customers to adapt their seating preferences.

Durable Solution

Booth seating is highly-durable but its longevity depends to some extent on the type of upholstery used. While it’s up to you, fabrics such as leather and vinyl are a good option since they can be wiped clean more easily and can last for several years without sustaining damage. It’s best to opt for darker colours too, since light colours may stain.

The low-down is that booth seating looks good and is a great option for restaurants and cafes. For high-quality booth seating and a wide range of other cafe and restaurant seating options, take a look at our online store or visit our showroom in Melbourne.