Restaurants – Valentines Day Planning

restaurants valentines day

For most restaurants, Valentines Day is a big deal. According to a survey carried out by Brewquets, an expected $377 million is forecast to be spent on Valentine’s gifts this year and 48% of the people surveyed are planning a meal at a restaurant. So it’s important to ensure your venue is geared up and now is the time to start planning. From your menu and marketing to restaurant furniture and décor hopefully this post will give you some ideas on how to make the most out of Valentine’s Day.

Value for money

Don’t forget, it’s not been that long since the Christmas celebrations ended so most people are looking to spend carefully and are likely to be looking for money saving deals. Dining-in options are a great way of saving money at this time of the year, so you need to come up with an attractive offer to entice people off their sofas and out of their houses. Maybe consider offering a set menu at a reduced price or a complementary glass of wine.

For many restaurants, Valentines Day is a time to serve as many people as they can, and this can be achieved by creating sitting times. Just remember not to cram in too many people at one time and allow sufficient time for each sitting so that couples can enjoy a 3-course meal and not feel rushed.

Restaurants Valentines Day Furniture

You may have to work with your existing furniture, or you may feel the need to splash out on a few additional pieces. Whatever you need, just make sure that you purchase commercial grade furniture as opposed to furniture designed for the home. Restaurant furniture is likely to be used 10 times more per day than the furniture you have in your dining room, so it needs to be able to stand the test of time.

Another point to consider is that Valentines Day is all about couples so your tables should be laid for 2 people. Try and keep the area intimate but not so crammed that couples feel they have no privacy.


Décor in restaurants on Valentines Day should reflect romance so try and include some reds and pinks into your table decorations. Don’t forget to bring candles and fairy lights into play – these are perfect for creating a warming, romantic glow.

Your menu

Spend plenty of time planning your menu and be sure to choose products that are in season, tasty and fresh. It’s all about your customer experience and they don’t want to be disappointed by the presentation and taste of your food.


Don’t assume that your customers will know that you’re running a Valentine’s special. Shout about it to everyone using social channels and your website. If you have customer emails on record, then why not shoot them a quick message too. Don’t forget, of course, to mention it to anyone who comes into your restaurant for the rest of January!

If you need additional restaurant furniture for Valentine’s Day then browse our online store or visit the Café Chairs Melbourne showroom to take a closer look. Here’s to hoping your restaurants Valentines Day is a good one!