Choosing the Right Cafe Chairs for Your Venue

choosing the right cafe chairs for your venue

Choosing new cafe chairs for your venue may sound a daunting task given the choice available but it doesn’t have to be that way. While you may be tempted to choose chairs purely for their looks, there are a few things to take into consideration in order to make the right choice for your cafe, but thankfully, the process really shouldn’t take that long.

With an extensive selection of cafe chairs, we’re here to help you pick and choose from some of the most unique, comfortable, and eye-catching styles available for cafes, bars, and restaurants – both in Melbourne and the whole of Australia. Here are a few things you might want to consider before you start shopping.

Choosing the right cafe chairs for your venue

Get creative with comfort

First things first, your customers are going to need to be comfortable. While you can always be a front runner in terms of looks and styles, it’s important to think about how long your customers are likely to be sitting down. Are you hoping to open a cafe or restaurant where your patrons will want to take their time and stay for a long period? This being the case, you’ll want to consider backed seats and cushions that offer good support to customers’ backs and bottoms, such as tub style cafe chairs or even booth seating. Comfort really is key if you want your customers to stay longer.

If you’re operating more of a fast food style of cafe or restaurant, then comfort doesn’t have to be a top priority. Instead you might want to opt for style first, since customers will come and go with ease. Consider wood, metal and plastic cafe chairs that can be wiped clean quickly for a fast turnaround so customers looking to eat and leave quickly, aren’t kept waiting for a table.

Your venue – Your way

It’s important that you choose cafe chairs which fit in well with your décor or theme – this is where the concept of style comes from. While you should always have comfort in mind, you can sometimes be tempted allow one to override the other.   

To help achieve the right balance of style and comfort take a few moments to consider the sort of atmosphere you’re hoping to create with your cafe or restaurant. Are you aiming for traditional or contemporary? Ultra-modern or retro? You might have a theme or you could be basing the look of your venue around the type of food and drinks that you’re providing.

As a last point, do make sure that your tables and cafe chairs work together – comfort and consistency are major factors in the running of any bar, café, or restaurant.

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