How To Successfully Avoid The 5 Most Common Problems Associated With Cafe Furniture

cafe furnitureAnyone who’s ever had to refurnish a cafe, restaurant, or bistro knows just how expensive that can be, so when you’re spending that kind of money on ‘quality’ commercial grade furniture you’d expect it to last. Although proper maintenance and cleaning is vital to retaining the longevity of your furniture, it won’t fix many of the common problems that often arise. Our hope is that by giving you this information, you’ll be thinking down the lines of prevention rather than cure.

Problem 1 – The metal legs on my stool/chair seem to be bending

In most cases damage to the legs of bar chairs and stools often occurs from improper use. Usually this occurs when customers lean back thus tilting the chair putting all their weight on the back legs. In instances like this vigilance is key. The chances are that the customer concerned might not know it’s a problem so you could always politely say to them that tilting the chair in that way is dangerous and that you wouldn’t want them to get hurt. This usually does the trick.

Problem 2 – My flooring is being scratched by my chairs and stools

The vast majority of commercial grade furniture comes with floor glides. These are pieces of hard plastic or rubber that are placed on the bottom of legs to prevent this very problem. Often when chairs are moved around a lot and through normal wear and tear floor glides can become loose and fall out. To pre-empt this it’s always wise to carry out periodic checks to make sure they’re secure. This way you can easily see which ones need replacing and, if and when they do, try to carry a small amount of stock so that you’re not caught short.

Problem 3 – I’ve got table tops that are peeling or cracking

If you have to buy table tops using totally natural materials such as wood, then they can be prone to peeling or cracking. In the main this is due to changes in temperature as the wood expands and contracts. To avoid this from happening keep natural materials away from direct heat. This could mean under a heating vent, direct sunlight from a window, or close to an open fire. In addition it’s wise not to place anything directly out of the oven onto the table surface. If you do need to place hot items on to a table it’s wise to invest in trivets, or protective surfaces that will stop the table from cracking.

Problem 4 – My bar stools/chairs have become wobbly

There are a number of reasons why cafe furniture becomes wobbly over time. Firstly it could be down to loose floor glides (see problem 2) or alternatively screws can easily work themselves loose over time. Therefore periodic checking (say once a month) to make sure that all screws and fixings are secure and tight should solve this problem. It might be worth keeping a supply of screws and fixings in stock because if any do go missing they can be replaced rather than render the chair unserviceable.

Problem 5 – My cafe furniture hasn’t lasted as long as I thought it might

Many people mistakenly think that because your furniture is commercial grade it’s fit for purpose both indoors and out. This might be true for some ranges, but for other’s… not so. Therefore if you’re purchasing furniture for an outside terrace area it really needs to be fit for outdoor use. In general terms this means that it’s been treated for protection against the elements including prolonged periods of strong sun and/or rain. The bottom line is to always check before you buy.

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