Tips On Choosing The Best Materials For Your Indoor And Outdoor Cafe Furniture

outdoor cafe furnitureMaking the right choice of café furniture is extremely important in order to create both the look and the ambience that you’re seeking. The thing is, choosing a piece of furniture simply because you like it and without considering the implications of where it will be placed and how much use it is likely to get, can result in disappointment when it starts to show excessive signs of wear and tear and will also end up costing you far more than you bargained for.

Make sure you know and understand your materials so that your furniture will look good and last you a long time. Whether you’re looking for indoor or outdoor furniture, will also have a great impact on your choice. Here’s a brief guide on the types of materials available and tips to consider when making your choice.

Indoor furniture

When it comes to indoor furniture then pretty much anything goes since your furniture won’t be facing the harsh elements of the Australian climate. You can also invest in cushions and fancy decorations without the worry of them blowing away. Steel furniture is very ‘en vogue’ since not only is it light to move around but even with frequent use, it actually looks even better and since it’s available in a wide range of powder coated shades, it’s a fun way to add personality to your interior.

Wood is another great choice for indoor furniture since it adds character and as it’s not facing the elements it won’t require as much care lavishing on it.

Outdoor furniture


Aluminium is a great choice if you’re looking to add a modern feel to your terrace. It’s lightweight and easy to move around, easy too clean, and can withstand exposure to all types of weather.


Wicker makes a good choice for indoor and outdoor furniture since it’s light and can be moved easily from one place to another plus it has a lovely rustic appeal. Wicker made from such materials as bamboo, cane or rattan is environmentally friendly too. You can also purchase synthetic wicker chairs in a variety of colours which are equally as appealing.


We’ve already mentioned steel as being suitable for indoor use and in many cases it also works outside. However, before investing in steel furniture it’s important to check its suitability for outdoor use as this can depend on the manufacturer and the finish.


Polypropylene or plastic chairs, are more funky and colourful than ever before and offer an economic way of furnishing your terrace or pavement area. Offered in a wide range of styles, and usually UV treated and waterproof, they can be used outside virtually all year round. In addition, they’re light and easy to move and usually stack for convenient storage.


Wood is another popular choice for exterior seating due to its versatility and natural looks. The advantages are that it is long lasting, relatively low in maintenance, and has natural oils which prevent it from rotting or deteriorating. Some popular wood choices include teak, cedar, ash and oak but they do need care to keep them looking pristine.

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