How To Find Affordable Cafe Furniture

Cafe furnitureWhether you’re looking to furnish a new cafe venue or refurbish an existing one, the one thing you’ll be keeping a close eye on is the budget. Let’s face it, aside from the food and beverage costs, your cafe furniture is one of the biggest outlays that you’ll have to make, so it’s understandable that you would want something stylish, something that lasts, and inevitably something that offers value for money. So just how do you find affordable cafe furniture? Let’s take a closer look.

Shop around

One of the first rules of grabbing a bargain is never to buy the first thing you see. More often than not, when it comes to cafe furniture, if you see it in a bricks and mortar shop, you can find the exact same one cheaper online, so do shop around. Spend a few evenings trawling the internet for ideas and prices and find out if they do any special discounts for bulk buys etc. Some online cafe furniture stores such as the one here at Cafe Chairs Melbourne also have bricks and mortar warehouses where you can try before you buy. For this reason it’s worth checking it out if you’re passing.

Go replica/inspired

It wasn’t so long ago when cafe furniture was a little dull or a bit drab. Greys and browns were the order of the day and whether they were comfortable or not still remains to be seen. Thankfully, fast forward a decade or so and now you can really go to town with replica or inspired cafe furniture. Original Tolix, Thonet and Pierre Paulin cafe chairs which might set you back a lot of money can now be purchased for a fraction of the price when you buy replica or inspired pieces. What’s more they’re stronger, more durable, and often more practical than their designer counterparts.

Make sure it’s commercial-grade

Although finding affordable cafe furniture is all about getting it at a good price, affordability can also mean buying something that lasts. For this reason you should make sure that what you’re buying is commercial-grade. What’s more, you might want to make sure it’s AFRDI tested. This means that the furniture in question has undergone a multitude of strength, weight, heat, and drop tests and only the most durable carry the blue tick of approval. In essence you’re buying something that’s built to last and therefore won’t need replacing a few years down the line.

As you can see, finding affordable cafe furniture isn’t hard, it’s just that you have to know where to look. To help you find your ideal cafe furniture at the right price, why don’t you visit our online store at right now and start browsing.