Are You A Fan Of Tolix Chairs?

replica Tolix Chair with coffee bag cushionWe’re excited to introduce the latest member to our replica Tolix chair range – Gunmetal steel with coffee burlap cushion.

As you know we’re always on the look out for new and interesting products so we can continue to give our customers a wide choice to suit all tastes and budgets, so when we spotted this latest replica Tolix chair, we knew had to have it.

Similar to all of the Tolix range this aesthetically pleasing cafè chair is crafted from powder coated steel with a matte gunmetal finish but it differs from other chairs in the collection in that it has a lower more rounded back which offers great support for a customer’s back, and is fitted with a coffee burlap cushion, which gives it more of a rustic appeal.

More about burlap

The cushion is made from Hessian or Jute which is strong and durable and historically referred to as ‘burlap’. Although the Indians in ancient times had used small amounts of Hessian for ropes and paper, until it was discovered in 1790 by English traders the plant hadn’t really been exported. However, by 1797 Britain had received more than 100 tons of Hessian and continued to ship it to make various use of it. The plant also found its way to Scotland where by the 1830’s it was discovered how to spin this tough plant into yarn and so a new business flourished.

By 1869 there were no fewer than 5 jute mills in Dundee, Scotland containing a total of 950 looms. By 1910 this had rocketed to a staggering 38 mills operating 30,685 looms. Over a million yards of cloth was manufactured in that year and transformed into 450 million burlap bags. These bags were then used to carry coffee beans, cement, and concrete.

Cool and eye-catching

Today, the vintage coloured prints and graphics on the burlap sacks are really cool and eye-catching adding even more character to this iconic chair. By transforming the sacks into padded cushions for such an iconic chair, we feel it makes them even more desirable to have in your cafe. It softens the overall look of the Tolix chair and means that you can step away from the industrial look and match these chairs with other rustic tactile materials such as wood, brick, and cement. Just imagine how cool these chairs would look grouped around a large wooden communal dining table in your cafe or placed around smaller metal Tolix tables.

If you’re a fan of Tolix but don’t have the budget for the real thing, then our replica Tolix chairs are an affordable alternative and designed for commercial use. Strong, durable, and stackable, they’re practical and extremely versatile. Why not call into our showroom in Brendale and take a look for yourself. If you need any further information on this or any of our products, then don’t hesitate to give us a call on 07 3205 1616.