Colour is Making a Comeback in Cafe Design 2020

cafe design

Natural Scandi design and modern minimalism have dominated cafe design for the past few years but we have an inkling that colour is making a comeback in 2020.

How to use colour in a dining space

When using colour in any hospitality space it’s important to bear in mind that colour doesn’t just influence the look – it also has a psychological bearing on whether or not people choose to eat at your café.

For instance, blue and purple are colours which are typically not used in cafe design and food branding because they’re not associated with natural food and they don’t cause people to feel hungry. Colours such as these are fine for adding pops of colour but if you want to create an inviting ambience to get customers through your doors, all-blue or purple walls are possibly not the best way to go about it.

On the other hand, colours such as yellow and orange make a space feel fresh and cheerful. Browns and greens are relaxing while being associated with freshness, which makes them great colours to use in cafes and restaurants.

With this in mind, here are two ways to utilise colour in the hospitality sector both now and going forward into 2020.

Rich colours help create the atmosphere

Rich deep colours like pewter, mustard, and deep green are perfect for lending an expensive look to a dining space at a relatively low cost. Pair these colours with wood panelling, plush-looking furniture, and bespoke lighting, to create a truly luxurious feel.

Bright colours are back

Bright colours can also be used in different areas of cafe design. Fire engine red, lemony yellow, and Klein blue can create a fun atmosphere and lift a drab space.

Try giving your venue a more playful feel by adding pops of colour by means of artwork, furniture, and accessories.

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