Isotop Table Tops – Why Your Cafe Needs Them

Isotop table tops

Have you ever wondered why people are passing by your café and not coming in? It could be that the shabby outdated furniture is putting them off. Café furniture is so important for the success of your café which is why you might want to consider updating your furniture with Isotop table tops.

Nowadays, people want more from a café than tasty food and delicious coffee – they want the whole dining out experience. They want to feel relaxed and comfortable and able to take a few minutes away from the daily stresses in an establishment that is nicely decorated and furnished.

Since café tables take up most of your dining space, swapping out your existing ones for high- quality Isotop table tops is a quick and easy way of improving your overall décor and creating a welcoming vibe.

What’s so special about Isotop?

Quite simply, Isotop table tops are the best commercial option for indoor and outdoor dining. Crafted from a high-density substrate with a durable surface and user-friendly smooth edges, they stand head and shoulders over many other table top brands out there. Let’s take a closer look at the many benefits of Isotop table tops.

Practically indestructible

Café tables have a lot to contend with including inclement weather, grease, and heat from plates. Not only can Istotop table tops contend with all of these factors, but should a person try to scratch the table top with sharp cutlery or a set of car keys, it will prove impossible.

Easy to clean

Isotop table tops are also stain proof and can be cleaned with little more than a damp cloth and sanitising spray in between customers. In the case of any stuck-on dirt or grime, this can be easily removed with a mild household cleanser.

Seamless design

All of our Isotop table tops are seamless so there’s no danger of any food particles getting lodged between the cracks – making them a hygienic choice for cafes and restaurants. Furthermore, the edges are sealed so that no moisture can get beneath the laminate surface causing the wood below to rot.

Multiple choices

Everyone likes choice and with Isotop there are plenty to be made. All of the designs are available as round or square and come in a choice of thicknesses and sizes. From small bistro tables measuring 600mm to group tables measuring 800mm x 1200mm, Isotop has you covered.

When it comes to patterns and designs there are plenty of those to choose from too. One of our favourites is the Shesman Timber finish which features noticeable grain patterns and wonderful warm honey tones. You may also like the rich dark Choco Oak finish or the contemporary black Alcantara design. Whether you prefer a traditional or contemporary design, there’s an Isotop table top to suit you.

Our Isotop table tops can be purchased individually or alternatively why not take a look at our table packages which include an Isotop table top and a Roma base.

Isotop table tops are already reasonably priced, here at Café Furniture Brisbane, but for the rest of October, you can save money on Isotop table tops with our 12.5% discount offer. So what are you waiting for?

Why not head on over to our online store or visit our Brisbane showroom to see our table tops for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.