Create a Cafe Your Employees Will Love

woman sitting in a cafe

In this post, we’re going to give you some hints and tips for creating a cafe that your employees will love using furniture that’s functional and fashionable.

Anyone for coffee? It’s a simple enough question that most of us use day in and day out to colleagues and friends.

And why not?

Having a chat over a coffee is as much a part of office life as having a brainstorming session or holding an office meeting.

With this in mind, why not consider making your company cafe as welcoming and comfortable as it can be. Whether you make some changes to the design and layout or plan a total refurb, renovating your cafe space can work wonders for employee morale and the appearance and ambience of your working environment.

This is the primary focus of our cafe furniture. It’s designed to be flexible and versatile as well as functional and fashionable. In fact, the perfect harmonious setting for cafe meets social working space.

Cafe changes that are small can make big results

Don’t make the mistake of under-estimating the difference of applying just a few small changes. In fact, with regards to cafes, less is without a doubt more. Consider the space you’re working with and add a few key pieces to complement what you already have.

Take minimalist, as an example and basic wooden furniture. While that can seem a little dull or bland on its own, you can easily transform it with a few splashes of colour. Keep the walls a light colour and then use a few key pieces such a couple of brightly coloured Tolix stools to stand out in your cafe. Alternatively, you could use artwork, cushions or plants, just get creative and playful and you’ll be surprised at what can be achieved. You never know, some of your team members may have some arty ideas!

Function meets style

No-one wants to spend their time in a space that is dull and dreary. As well as adding some colour, think about the design and the impact that it plays in making a space comfortable.

A large open space could benefit from a variety of table sizes and shapes. You might want to consider a communal table for those all-important brainstorming sessions that the whole team can sit around. You could also add a few smaller round tables and chairs to break up the space and create more of a feeling of intimacy.  

If you’re trying to turn it into a more social space where staff can meet for a get together before heading home, then you might want to consider adding some dry bar tables and some tall stools.

Something for everyone

Whatever your requirements, Cafe Chairs Melbourne can help you create a company cafe that’s perfect for you. You could even use your cafe to host different events and, this being the case, our stackable polypropylene chairs could be handy. Sturdy yet lightweight, these chairs are easy to store away and bring out as the need arises. All our cafe furniture is commercial grade which means it stands up to wear and tear and it’s also easy to wipe away those cafe spills that inevitably occur.

Why not browse our online store or visit our showroom to see the quality of our furniture for yourself.