Café Interior Trends For 2015

modern cafe interior‘Casual’ is a word which is set to continue into 2015 particularly when we’re talking about café and restaurant dining. Stuffy dining areas with tables set with white clothes and traditional décor are definitely a thing of the past and are mainly reserved for the most traditional of venues. The strong message that comes across is that the consumer wants to eat great food in a relaxed environment.

Anything goes
One of the advantages of the casual trend is that practically anything goes and consequently bespoke pieces have been designed to match the unique personality of specific venues. Restaurant chains aren’t as restricted as they once were by set interiors and often each interior has its own unique design. Take replica Tolix chairs for example, they are now available with wood seats in contrast to their metal frame, and this has come about thanks to designers wanting to mix natural materials together.

Choose furniture according to your style of venue
Smaller venues are often chosen because of their intimacy, so if you’re revamping your bistro or café this year then give great consideration to selecting furniture, lighting, and fittings more for their functionality than how they look aesthetically when balancing out a room. Booths and banquette seating are perfect for smaller spaces as they make full use of the wall space as well as being comfortable and attractive. Lounge areas are becoming ever more popular in larger cafés and this demands comfortable chairs such as sofas and tub chairs which allow customers to relax in style whilst reading and enjoying a great cup of coffee.

Industrial themes are also firmly entrenched for 2015 and reclaimed timber and character oak are firm favourites for table tops and décor choices such as exposed brick walls and metal lighting are also set to become increasingly stylish.

In 2014 it was common for bright colour finishes to complement industrial furniture and décors. This year it sees a richer palette of colour being used to balance the overall aesthetics and bring the old together with the new. One such colour which will be popular is an earthy burgundy tone which could be used for curtains and upholstery.

Share and share alike
Another thing to consider if decorating your venue in 2015 is the rise in popularity of sharing platters. As well as buying in the appropriate tableware you may also need to consider changing the configuration of your tables and seating. Tables will need to be larger to accommodate large plates of food and elbows and slimmer chairs, possibly without arms, will be needed to group around the tables to fit everyone in.

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