What Exactly Is A Dry Bar Table Anyhow?

dry bar tableThe dry bar table is one that’s commonly used in cafés, bars and restaurants all over the world but what exactly is it and more importantly, what’s it used for?

Dry bar tables come in a wide variety of styles, shapes, sizes and designs but in order to differentiate them from a standard café table they’re considerably taller. Essentially they’re the same height as a bar counter top and were initially designed to be used as an extension to the bar by holding napkins, condiments, plates, cutlery etc. The term ‘dry bar’ table is so called because unlike a normal bar it doesn’t contain a sink. As a result it’s far cheaper to buy and because no plumbing is required, easier to accommodate.

Maximising floor space with the dry bar table
That said in many busy cafés, bistros and restaurants they’re the ideal solution for maximising your floor space. Why? Simply because they can easily be positioned into tight corners and awkward spaces where a standard table won’t go. Because of their lofty table top height and their compact base they work really well surrounded by equally compact bar stools. Put them against a side wall and add a candle and they make the perfect intimate table for two.

In addition dry bar tables are perfect for groups of people who might not want to formally sit down to eat and would rather use it for resting drinks and snacks on, leaving your standard tables for those who would prefer to be seated.

Durable and versatile
The majority of dry bar tables are made for commercial use meaning that they’re durable, lightweight and weather proof, so they can be used both outdoors and in. They’re scratch resistant and stain resistant and can be made from anything including wood, laminate, metal, marble or stone and come with a variety of bases. They can also be stacked or moved around to suit the demands of a busy café

In essence dry bar tables might not look like your average table but they seem to be the perfect solution for a 21st century café and as a result are extremely popular.

Here at Cafe Chairs Melbourne we stock a wide variety of dry bar tables in varying shapes sizes and designs, so if you’re looking for a solution to your floor space problems, then you really need to consider a dry bar table. For inspiration, check out our website or visit our local showroom.

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