Applying Discounts or Specials to your Business

Discounts appeal to everyone because they are free, and they allow value and quality to work together in tandem. Besides, managing margins, labor costs, and slashing food is a bit difficult.

Develop new and innovative ways that will help increase your cafe, restaurant, and coffee shop sales. Incorporating daily menu specials, bulk discounts, and buy one get one free can help build a profitable business, even though it involves giving something away.

Let’s evaluate this unusual strategy used by Coca-Cola. They distributed their first coupon in 1887, offering one complimentary glass of coke to everyone. Throughout the next 20-25 years, 8.5 million coke consumers took up that offer. 

This strategy may sound obsolete, but this online age automatically expects discounts and free stuff. This article explains different promotional ideas that will work for your company.

Promotional Ideas You Need For Your Business

1) Specials(Daily Menu Specials or Chefs Specials): Offering specials in your Cafe/restaurant is a great way to experiment with different dishes. You can pick out a particular day for these specials; make sure they taste and look different from your regular restaurant meals.

Once your specials are unique, your customers won’t miss or forget that day. Think up different meals that are unconventional; your chefs should also be innovative in creating unique and special meals.

2) Discount (Bulk, Percentage-Based, Or Time-Based): This discount can come in different forms; you can choose to make it seasonal or ongoing for old and prospective customers.

A percentage-based discount includes removing a certain percentage from your customer’s entire amount after placing an order. 

Time-based discount involves taking off a certain amount from your customer’s total amount during a particular time, from 3-6 pm. 

Bulk discount includes taking off a Dollar value or Percentage once the customer has spent a certain amount; ie $30 off your customer’s total bill. You can promote these discounts via your social media handles,  SMS, or E-mail- this will lead to higher sales.

3) Deals (Buy 1 get 1 Free, Free Dessert, And Happy Hour): These are vital aspects of your business promotion strategy. Studies have shown that these offers increase your sales by over 50%.

Try out any of them, and find out which one works better. Once you find out which works better, go ahead and improve on it.

4) Combos: Major traditional restaurants/cafes are already into combos. Experiment with different meals; think of meals that complement each other once grouped. 

This combo is perfect because you offer value to your customer’s in a pocket-friendly way. 

5) Evoke A Sense Of Urgency: Evoking a sense of urgency in your old and prospective customers will increase their enthusiasm to buy your product or hire your services. 

Inform them that a particular item will be available for a short while; by doing this, you are encouraging your customers to hurry up on the offer while also giving them a sense of importance while doing so.

Have a reservation system that will help manage the significant influx of bookings caused by this policy.

On A Final Note;

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