Cabaret Chairs – 5 Reasons That Your Cafe Needs Them

cabaret chairsWhether you’re in the midst of launching a new cafe or bar or looking to upgrade your existing venue and need some chairs, then why not take a look at our Cabaret chairs. Inspired by the Michael Thonet No.18 chair, these striking chairs are sure to enhance your dining space.

About cabaret chairs

Michael Thonet was a German-Austrian cabinet maker who invented ‘bentwood’ a process of steaming wood to make it sufficiently pliable so that curves could be formed. Once the wood cooled down and hardened, Thonet found that it kept its shape and it was this discovery that led to the glorious curves that Bentwood chairs are famous for.

The No.18 chair gained the nickname of ‘cabaret chair’ thanks to the 1097 American musical cabaret in which Lisa Minnelli was featured using it as a prop during a racy dance scene.

Our cabaret chairs are a modern twist of the original being made from strong durable steel and powder coated which makes them more functional than the original chairs would have been.

Cabaret chairs – The Benefits


Manufactured from steel these chairs are not just pretty to look at, they’re very durable too. Also, since they are lightweight, it’s easy to move them around to meet your business needs. Having passed numerous AFRDI tests, customers can buy with total peace of mind knowing that they’re fit for purpose and won’t let them down.


When you consider the variety of customers and their different sizes and weights, then it stands to reason that a cafe chair needs to be strong enough to support them. We’ve already mentioned that our chairs have AFRDI approval which should leave you in no doubt that our cabaret chairs meet all your exacting needs.


A splash of colour is great for adding impact to a neutral palette and also helps set the tone and create a welcoming ambience. Our steel chairs can be purchased in green, red, black, white and yellow to offer plenty of versatility when it comes to complementing or matching your décor. We find the bright colours work really well with warm timber shades whereas the black cabaret chairs look wonderful in contemporary or industrial settings.

Easy maintenance

Busy cafe owners may struggle with furniture that needs a lot of maintenance. Fortunately, this isn’t the case with our cabaret chairs. Provided ready assembled and good to go, and featuring welded joints instead of nuts and bolts, maintenance couldn’t be easier.

They look amazing

The last benefit of our cabaret chairs is that they look amazing. With their slender legs and curved backrests, they ooze elegance. Furthermore, this design has stood the test of time and shows no signs of going anywhere. Compare this fact to a trendy chair that could go out of fashion in less than 6 months and it’s a no-brainer.

Why not browse our online store to find out more about cabaret chairs and the other beautiful chairs that we stock. If you see anything you fancy you can always pop into our Melbourne showroom to see it in ‘the flesh’ so to speak. At Cafe Chairs Melbourne you can expect high-quality products at affordable prices.