Specta Chair in Yellow

Specta Chair in Yellow

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In stock

When you think of yellow it immediately conjures up thoughts of warm sunshine and this is exactly what this Specta chair in yellow does. “But it’s a plastic chair” I hear you say. Well yes…. but not as we know it. Unlike the uncomfortable, drab plastic chairs of old, this has a touch of style about it, a touch of charm even, but when it comes to practicality nothing beats it. It’s no surprise therefore that chairs like this are becoming more and more popular in cafés, restaurants, and bistros, the world over.

While it’s true that this Specta chair has an understated elegance about it, what it isn’t, is style over substance. On the contrary it’s about as practical as a commercial grade café chair can be. Firstly it’s lightweight and designed to be stackable, so storage isn’t an issue. Secondly this chair is incredibly strong. Because it’s designed using one piece of polypropylene, it’s manufactured to continually withstand weights of up to 250kgs. Finally it’s been specially treated so that it won’t fade or warp when used outdoors, making it a flexible choice of cafe chair.

So where would you use a yellow cafe chair like this?

How about a Moroccan theme mixing burnt oranges and browns, or alternatively, it would look great in a Caribbean-style establishment complete with deep reds and vibrant greens. If that isn’t your thing, how about mixing it with a variety of other Specta chairs to create a cacophony of colour with a modern funky twist….the list is endless. One thing’s for sure though, that perfect mix of style and practicality isn’t easy to find in modern café furniture, but this Specta chair in yellow has it in abundance.


Polypropylene. Moulded from just one piece of PP material for extra strength.
Indoor or Outdoor Use
Needs Assembly
D 450mm x H 800mm x W 450mm

Floor to seat: 470mm

Commercial grade
3 year warranty against faults arising from defective workmanship
Other Features
Static seat load tested with 25 cycles of 250kgs

Please be aware that while utmost care is taken, due to variances among different monitors and operating systems, colours shown may vary slightly in actual appearance.


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