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With their lofty, look at me, demeanour you might think there is no place for bar tables in your cafe, but we think we could just change your mind! Bar tables are surprisingly versatile items of cafe furniture which are capable of maximising your floor space and adding visual interest. Creating extra seating capacity and hopefully a rise in the profits, in our opinion they’re certainly money well spent.

Where to use them

A bar table can, for example, slot into corners where a regular cafe table can’t, and with a couple of bar stools slotted beneath it, creates an intimate space for two. These elevated tables can also be used in a more casual fashion as somewhere simply to place a drink, while a group of people stand around it chatting. Also, from a design aspect, bar tables add another dimension because of their height, and can be used to add visual interest. Who doesn’t love being perched high on a stool, interacting with those nearby and looking out at what’s going on around them!

Traditional or contemporary

Our 600mm dry bar tables include well known names such as Werzalit, Isotop, and Tolix and are supplied in flat pack format ready to assemble. Offered with a choice of round or square table top with a shiny silver Roma base, they’re sure to add style and elegance to your interior space. Designs range from traditional finishes such as walnut, marble, Shesman, and beech to a more contemporary aesthetic which includes cement, two tone, black, or white. If you’re looking for something with edgy industrial appeal, then the black or white Tolix bar table fits the bill perfectly.

Custom bar tables

If you prefer to have a custom dry bar, then why not create a unique look by combining your own choice of table top and bar base. Ranging from contemporary bolt in stainless steel bases (for those that want to retain their cafe furniture layout) to traditional rustic black bases, there’s something for every taste. Easily fitted to any of our 600mm table tops, and with a wide range of patterns and colours to choose from, the hardest part could be deciding which to choose.

If you need any further information to help you make the right choice, then please just give us a call. Our friendly knowledgeable staff are willing and able to assist, and look forward to hearing from you.