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If you’re after high quality pendant cafe lighting to adorn your café, restaurant, or bistro then you’ve come to the right place. Sometimes called a drop or suspender light, pendant lighting  usually hangs alone from the ceiling and is suspended by a cord, metal rod, or chain. In it’s simplest form a pendant light can be nothing more than a bulb hanging from a cord suspended from the ceiling, however most have a dome or casing which can be as decorative or as simple as you want it to be.

Pendant lighting can be used to great effect when hung in a line to illuminate a particular area and comes in a variety of sizes ranging from relatively small 4in/10cm domes to statement grabbing 30in/76cm domes, although one-off, specially designed pieces can be considerably larger than this. They also come in a wide variety of shapes and styles ranging from the simplified ribbed dome format, used in many an industrial setting, through to jaw dropping expensive glass varieties with intricate flutes.

How can pendant cafe lighting be best used?

In a café/restaurant setting pendant lights are ideal for illuminating counter tops, or suspended over serveries or seating areas. However they can also be used to great effect to spread light over a large area, particularly when used in a foyer or entrance way.  For best effect use odd numbers (either one, three, or five) suspended around 36in/91cms above a counter top or 7ft/213cms from the floor in a foyer setting. In addition, most modern pendant lighting utilises energy saving bulbs, so not only are they incredibly versatile, they’re seriously cost effective to run.

What we can offer

Here at Cafe Chairs Melbourne we offer a selection of high quality, commercial-grade pendant lights available at a great price. Just imagine them in an industrial or rustic themed café setting, or as subtle lighting in a swish bistro. Our open-shaded dome lights  are perfect for creating the ideal degree of lighting that every establishment needs. They can be utilised as stand alone statement pieces, but are also as effective when used in conjunction with other forms of lighting for an overall, welcoming feel. Coming in a selection of highly polished gloss or matte finishes we offer a

stylish yet affordable way to create the perfect ambience using attractive lighting.

We’re always updating our stock, so if you can’t find the right lighting fixture to suit your needs then why not talk to our experienced team today who can help.