Why Cocktail Specials Bring Customers In

A cocktail is an alcoholic mixed drink – a combination of different spirits mixed with various ingredients, e.g., cream, fruit juice, flavored syrup, or milk. Cocktails are not pre-made in a bottle or a can; they are made by hand by an experienced mixologist.

Strong liquor like gin, vodka, rum, or tequila is often used as the base and combined with supplementary fruit and herbs for decoration. Cocktail specials are unique because there are no fixed rules surrounding how it should be made. 

The goal of every bar, restaurant, hotel, etc., is to attract more customers, which is what cocktails specials can do. Let’s delve in further to learn more.

Attracting prospective customers may seem complicated, especially if you don’t know the tricks to create a fantastic cocktail special.

How To Attract Customers With Cocktail Specials

Customers are no longer interested in out-of-the-box margaritas, wines or light beers; they want to be wowed with excellent cocktails that offer different,  unique flavor combinations and flavorful yet affordable wines.

1) Mixology On The Go: Originality, authenticity, quality, and taste greatly attract customers to your front door. 

Frequently play with the taste of your cocktails to discover what your customers like. Ensure you always ask what kind of cocktail they prefer to have.

2) Provide Free Special Tasting: Your drink sales will rapidly increase if you offer free cocktail tastings to your customers. The more generous you are with cocktail samples, your customers will likely reciprocate and purchase more cocktails.

You can also use free tasting to determine which wine, spirits, or locally brewed beer is gaining popularity among your customers.

3) Offer Suggestions: Most customers find choosing drinks to be a bit challenging, especially when there are numerous options. They will be more inclined to decide when given a specific choice. 

To sell more cocktails, encourage your bartenders to use these tips;

  • Offer your customers premium liquor as a default selection.
  • Ensure your bartenders suggest a refill.
  • Use your server’s influence to offer your customer cocktail suggestions when looking at your drink menu.
  • Suggest cocktail specials that will complement your meal menu. 
  • Encourage your bartenders/mixologists to be more creative whenever customers are unsure what cocktail to order.

Ingredients For A Cocktail Special

The formula for making a great cocktail special is the 2:1:1 ratio; your cocktail is created with two parts alcohol, 1 part sweet, and 1 part sour. Add all the ingredients with a filler or any odd garnish to give it a perfect finish.

1) Spirits: Vodka, White rum, Dark-rum, or Whiskey.

2) Sweets: Liquid syrup- an equal mixture of sugar and water.

3) Sour: Fresh limes, oranges, or lemons.

4) Extras: Tequila, Gin, Pineapple juice, soda water, mint, etc.

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