Tub Chairs vs Stacking Chairs

You may be considering tub chairs vs stacking chairs if you’re looking to upgrade your cafe furniture. It’s a tricky decision to make since both chairs have their advantages – which is why we’ve put together a brief comparison of the two, to help you decide which is best for your venue.


Let’s start by discussing versatility.

Stacking chairs have proven versatility They’re lightweight and easy to move around, which is perfect if you use your venue for different events. They’re also to store in a cupboard or corner of the room when they’re not in use since they stack conveniently on top of one another.  

Tub chairs, on the other hand, don’t offer as much versatility because they don’t stack and they’re much heavier to move around. That said, tub chairs are sturdier and could prove to be more durable for a dining space.

So, when considering versatility, and tub chairs vs stacking chairs, both have their advantages but stacking chairs are more versatile.


The cost of chairs for your cafe or restaurant is likely to be one of your bigger expenditures, so you want to make sure you get it right. Stacking chairs are cheaper and one way of keeping costs down. However, while tub chairs cost more initially, this can be offset by how much longer they’re likely to last.

You may want to give some consideration as to whether your up-front costs should affect your decision making.

Tub Chairs vs Stacking Chairs – Space

Space is naturally a key issue for any cafe or restaurant owner.

If you happen to have communal tables which seat large groups at a time, or you’re limited for space, then stacking chairs might be your best option. They’re small in stature and fit next to each other with ease.

Tub chairs are much larger and they fit nicely around tables for 2 or 4 people. What’s more. They’re great for placing around coffee tables near a fireplace, to create a cosy ambience.


It goes without saying that you want your customer to feel comfortable when they’re spending time in your cafe or restaurant – there’s nothing worse than a complaint about an uncomfortable chair from a customer or worse still, a chair breaking. The dining experience is just as important as the food and coffee you serve.

Stacking chairs are simplistic but they’re also safe but when it comes to comfort – tub chairs win hands down. They really do enable a guest to relax.

Tub chairs vs stacking chairs – Aesthetics

Both tub chairs and stacking chairs come in a range of styles.

Whatever your style of cafe or restaurant you can be sure that there will be a stacking chair that suits. Stacking chairs can be simplistic and modern or they can be upholstered and embellished. From metal to wood, you can find them in practically any style you want.

If you prefer a more luxurious option then tub chairs come in a variety of styles, too. Leather tub chairs are a popular option since they look sleek and luxurious. Fabric tub chairs are another option since they give a warm cosy feel.

So, tub chairs vs stacking chairs – which do you choose?

In effect, you’ve already made a great choice, whichever style of chair you choose.

What you really need to be asking yourself is what kind of space is your cafe or restaurant? Is it a traditional seating environment or is it more flexible for different events? Another question is how do you want it to look?

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