Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Cafe Furniture in Melbourne

cafe furniture in Melbourne

We’ve been in the industry for several years now and during that time we’ve helped furnish cafes and bars all over Melbourne. When it comes to cafe furniture in Melbourne it’s fair to say that we have tons of experience.

If you’re new to buying cafe furniture Melbourne cafe owners should know that there are a few mistakes they can unwillingly fall into. To help prevent this from happening, we’ve put together a few tips for you to consider.

Make a plan

There’s more to buying cafe furniture in Melbourne than clicking on an online site and simply ordering random table and chairs that pique your interest. Before making any purchases, we advise you to spend time working out a floor plan, configure your seating design, and from there you’ll have a better idea of the number of tables and chairs that you’ll need.

Don’t overcrowd

It can be tempting to crowd in extra tables and chairs in order to accommodate extra people, but this can result in a dining space that looks cluttered. This is off-putting to Melbourne customers who like a bit of distance from the people sat at the table next door and it also makes it difficult for serving staff to move freely between tables.

Cafe furniture in Melbourne – Measure once, and measure again

Measure your floor space carefully and then double-check your measurements. Draw your floor space onto a piece of graph paper and once you have found some furniture that you like, transfer its measurements onto the paper so you know how many tables and chairs you can fit in.

Know your customers

What sort of customers does your cafe in Melbourne attract? Is it busy professionals? Young families? Trendy hipsters? Determine your customers and choose your furniture accordingly. For instance, if you want your customers to linger longer, then consider comfortable upholstered chairs like tub chairs. Use more upright furniture like Tolix chairs if you’re expecting customers to grab a quick coffee on the way to work or during their lunch break.

Whatever furniture you decide on, make sure that it complements your décor and matches any existing furniture you may have.

Buying cafe furniture in Melbourne

Things to consider when selecting your cafe furniture in Melbourne are durability, functionality, and hygiene. It’s always best to purchase commercial furniture since this is designed to withstand frequent use on a daily basis. Tabletops like our Isotop styles make good sense too since they come in numerous designs, shapes and sizes and can be easily cleaned with little more than a damp cloth and a mild cleaning agent.

If you’re in the market for new cafe furniture in Melbourne then why not browse our online store or visit our Melbourne showroom where you can see its quality for yourself. Our friendly knowledgeable team will be happy to assist and answer any questions you may have.