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Bar bases can transform an average looking table top into an elegant, stylish item of cafe furniture which when surrounded by equally stylish bar stools, are sure to attract admiring glances.  What’s more, our versatile bar bases can be attached to your existing 600 mm table tops as part of a cafe furniture makeover; or you can create a custom bar table from scratch by selecting a new table top and base to put together, from our extensive range.

A  four prong cross bracket attaches the bar base to the underside of the table base, to ensure an even distribution of weight, after all the last thing you want is for a table loaded with plates of food and drinks, to collapse or topple over. The table bases are also weighted, so should you be using them outside, there’s no danger of them being blown over in a heavy gust of wind.

Free standing or bolt in bases?

When you’re choosing your bar table base the first thing to consider is whether you want a free-standing bar base or prefer the bolt in variety. Free-standing bases offer the most flexibility since they allow you to move your bar tables to wherever you want them, and if the need arises, you can store them out of sight too. Bolt in bases are a good solution if you’re happy with your furniture layout and don’t want to change it around at any time in the near future. They also offer unrivalled stability since they’re bolted into the ground; plus they allow you to push your bar stools directly beneath, which is ideal if space is tight.

Assuming that you’ve chosen your table top, deciding on which base is really a matter of what suits the colour and pattern of the table top, and whether you’re looking to portray a contemporary or traditional feel. Typically our stainless steel bases give a sleek contemporary aesthetic and retain their shiny good looks with very little maintenance. You can create a light, modern Mediterranean style by pairing light beech table tops with them, for example, or you can choose a bold modern look with jet black table tops. Alternatively, for a traditional vibe you might want to consider a rich mahogany table top with a black cast iron base; or for something really stylish, then our Wenge (deep walnut) table tops also look great with black and are sure to turn heads.

If you need any help in choosing your bar base, or need further information, then our sales team are standing by to take your call.