Isotop Table Tops – Transform Your Cafe’s Dining Areas

isotop table tops
Choco Oak Table Top

If people seem to be giving your cafe a wide berth it could be that your furniture is putting them off. Furniture that looks dated or worn can give the perception that your coffee or food is not up to much either. Perhaps it’s time you considered updating your dining areas with Isotop table tops to make them look more attractive and welcoming.

Nowadays, people are looking for an experience when they visit a cafe or a restaurant. It’s no longer just about the food and drinks that you serve but about creating an ambience that makes your customers feel comfortable and relaxed. Taking time out to relax with friends over a cup of coffee is a great way of relieving the everyday stresses of life and if the surroundings are pleasant and the furniture is modern and comfortable,  customers will want to come back again.

One of the first things people notice when they enter a cafe or restaurant are the tables, and that’s hardly surprising since they take up most of the space. Swapping out your existing table tops for swanky new Isotop table tops is a quick and easy way of updating your décor and creates a welcoming vibe.

Why Choose Isotop Table Tops?

Isotop table tops provide one of the best commercial options for both indoor and outdoor dining areas. Manufactured using a mixture of plantation wood, resin, and wax that is moulded at a high temperature and pressure and finished with a protective laminate coating and smooth rounded edges, they’re both durable and user-friendly. They also provide many benefits, so let’s dive in and take a look.

 Immensely strong

When you think about it, cafe tables have to withstand an awful lot of things including hot sunshine, heavy rain, grease, and heat from tableware not to mention abuse from customers that may treat your tables differently from their tables at home. Fortunately, Isotop table tops have been designed to withstand all these elements and more besides and continue to retain their good looks no matter what is thrown at them.

Easy maintenance

Isotop table tops are stain-proof and easy to clean with little more than a damp cloth and sanitising spray ready for the next customer. In the case of hardened dirt or grime, this can be easily removed using a non-abrasive cleanser.

Seam-free Design

Another feature of Isotop table tops is that there are no joins or seams which could trap food particles or dirt which makes them a great choice for cafes and restaurants where hygiene is of the utmost importance. Also, the table top edges are carefully sealed preventing any moisture from seeping into the laminate surface and causing the underlying wood to rot.

Plenty of choices

People like choice and with Isotop there is plenty to choose from. All of the designs are available with round, square, or rectangular options and come in a choice of thicknesses and sizes from a small 600mm bistro tables for 2 people to tables for groups measuring 800mm x 100mm. Whatever the size of your dining area, Isotop have you covered.

With regards to designs and patterns, there are many of these to choose from too. One of our favourites is the sumptuously rich Choco Oak finish but it’s also hard to ignore the elegance of black marble as reflected in the Alcantara design. Whatever your taste or preference, there’s sure to be an Isotop table top to meet your needs.

Our Isotop table tops can be purchased individually and fit most table bases or alternatively why not take a look at our table packages which include an Isotop tabletop and a Roma base in silver or black.

You can browse all of our furniture range in our online store and order for contact-less delivery or collection.