Cabaret Chairs – Why You’ll Love Them

cabaret chairsChoosing new cafe chairs for your cafe or bar sounds like an easy task but with so many choices it can be overwhelming. However, we’ve got a chair that we’re sure you’ll love and one that will tick most, if not all, of your boxes – welcome to the Cabaret Chair.

This striking chair takes its inspiration from the Michael Thonet quintessential cafe chair which was simply known as the’ No. 18’.

About cabaret chairs

You’ve probably seen them in other venues and this is because they boast a timeless design. The No. 18 was designed and manufactured by Michael Thonet for the Bentwood company and caused as real stir at the time.

The original chair was made using wood that had ingeniously been steamed to make it pliable so that it could be bent into the glorious curves that are synonymous with bentwood chairs. Once the wood has cooled down and hardened, Thonet found that it retained its shape.

This style of furniture caused a stir because it came into being at a time when all furniture was made from a heavy dark wood that was very ornate and difficult to maintain and extremely heavy. The No.18 was like a breath of fresh air because it could be manufactured quickly, consisted of just a few pieces, was inexpensive, and could be flat-packed ready for assembly on arrival. A bit like modern Ikea furniture!

Our Cabaret chairs boast the same style but are manufactured from steel to give them a more modern aesthetic. They provide many benefits for cafe and bar owners, including:


Made from steel and powder-coated to protect against marks and scratches, Cabaret chairs are exceptionally strong and durable and will last for years to come. Even better, they don’t weigh as much as wooden chairs and can be easily moved by one person to meet your business needs. If you like to change your seating plan on a regular basis, they make a great choice.


Steel is remarkably strong and when you consider the differing weights of people sitting on your chairs, then this is important. Unlike a residential chair, cafe and bar chairs need to be able to accommodate large and small people several times during your working day. Many of our Cabaret chairs have passed AFRDI testing which includes strength, comfort, durability, and much more besides. As a result, you can buy with confidence knowing they won’t let you down.


Using coloured chairs as an accent colour is a great way of breathing life into a bland colour palette. Our chairs come in green, red, black, white and yellow which allow you to put your creative cap on and get playful.

Easy maintenance

Naturally, a busy establishment doesn’t want to spend hours on furniture maintenance and fortunately, they won’t have to with our Cabaret chairs. With no assembly required and with joints that are welded instead of bolted together, maintenance is minimal. Indeed, all that’s required to keep them clean is a wipe over with a damp cloth and non-abrasive cleaning agent to remove any spills or marks.

They look amazing

The last benefit of our cabaret chairs is that they look amazing. With slender legs and a curved backrest, they ooze elegance. Thanks to their timeless design, neither you nor your customers will tire of them. Priced at less than $70, they’re a steal.

At Cafe Chairs Melbourne we stock a wide range of affordable cafe and bar furniture so why not browse our online store. You can purchase online for contact-free collection or delivery.