How to Create a Parisian Cafe Using French Bistro Chairs

No matter where you reside, you can create the allure of a Parisian cafe utilising the right furniture, some French bistro chairs and an eye for detail.

French bistro chairs are iconic. If you’ve ever been to Paris then you will have seen them adorning the streets outside the clutter of cafes and bars. These chairs are stylish and chic with a woven seat traditionally made from rattan cane, providing both texture and a pop of colour to your patio space.

What’s more, they’re durable, comfortable and easy to clean and are protected with a coat of varnish that withstands elements such as humidity and rain.

A little bit of history

The Parisian terrace began its life when families started to serve food and wine to strangers outside their homes in order to boast their incomes. As their businesses flourished they expanded to the sprawling boulevards in Paris and a need for classic and elegant furniture ensued and so French bistro chairs were born.

Sadly there are few authentic companies in France where these iconic chairs are still made, especially now that cheaper versions are flooding the market.

Parisian cafe etiquette

Just so you know, French bistro chairs are usually placed close together looking outwards and often are several layers deep. After all, the idea is for customers to sit and watch the world go by.

Here at Cafe Chairs Melbourne we stock a variety of attractive aluminium French bistro chairs. How do they compare?

Santorini Parisian chair in blue and white

If you want to add some colour to your patio space then our Santorini Parisian chair is a great choice. This modern-day take on a French bistro chair features an aluminium frame for strength and durability and a stunning blue and white braided nylon wicker seat and back. We also stock a Parisian black and white stool in a similar style.

Parisian chair in black textaline with arms

If you prefer your French bistro chairs to have arms, then take a look at our Parisian chair in black textaline. This super chic chair boasts an aluminium frame which is powder-coated to look like bamboo. The curved back and seat are fashioned from stylish black textaline mesh while the arms provide even more comfort for your customers.

Both styles of chair are lightweight and stackable while the versatility of design is in keeping with the look of the original French bistro chair.

Which one is right for you?

Bring the beauty of a French bistro to an area where you live. Shop our selection of French bistro chairs and make your dream of owning a Parisian cafe come true.

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