Bring A Slice Of Rustic Charm To Your Cafe With A Cabaret Chair

cab-ye-1Just imagine walking into a Parisian cafe in the 1930’s. The smell of strong coffee and Gauloise permeate the air. The place is filled with an eclectic mix of young bohemians, artists and activists all looking to change the world. Old wooden tables with chequered tablecloths are laid out on wooden floors and accompanying these tables are cabaret chairs where the great and the good of Parisian culture are likely to be seated.

The name of the Cabaret chair stems from the fact that they were often used in cabaret venues in the late 19th century where customers would sit at restaurant-style tables with chairs to watch music, song, dance, and even burlesque. This is typified in the 1972 film/musical ‘Cabaret’ where Liza Minelli is dancing provocatively around a cabaret chair singing ‘Mien Herr’.

With all the history behind it you could be forgiven for thinking that the humble Cabaret chair has been resigned to the past, but in the 21st century it’s having somewhat of a renaissance. In fact it’s become the perfect accompaniment for any cafe looking to deliver a rustic, homely style.

Although the simplistic design hasn’t changed over the years the materials have. Nowadays instead of fragile wood which tended to warp and crack over time, the material of choice is steel. It’s light and can be moulded easily, but at the same time it’s incredibly durable.

If you’re yet to be convinced by the reasoning for purchasing a Cabaret chair for your cafe then here are three other reasons that just might make you change you mind.

Perfect fit for other furniture
One of the cafe furniture trends right now is to mix and match the old and the new. Modern contemporary tables for example would go perfectly well with older style seating such as the Cabaret chair. As such it could be a match made in heaven.

They’re versatile
Being simplistic in design these chairs are incredibly versatile. Clearly they’d fit perfectly into a rustic theme, but at the same time you can bring them into the 21st century by adding some funky cushions in electric colours.

Wide choice of colours
The fact that Cabaret chairs are made from steel means that they can be powder coated to suit any colour. From crimson red to lime green, from sunburst yellow through to more traditional wood colours the modern-day cabaret chair can be tailored to suit any design, no matter how ‘off the wall’ you think it is.

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