A Buyers Guide To Cafe Chairs

Bistro aluminium cafe chairIf you’re looking to obtain the right balance of style and ambience for your cafe then it needs to be right. One way to do this is to buy the perfect seating to reflect this. For instance if you’re going for an industrial theme, then a modern chair with a chrome or aluminium finish would work a treat. Alternatively you could also opt for an antique-look chair such as a drafting or Tolix stool. To help you out further, we’ve composed a quick buyer’s guide so that you can make a better informed purchasing choice.

Synthetic wood shell chairs

Usually constructed from laminated beech plywood they’re very common in cafes and bistros all over the country. They come in a wide variety of styles from sweeping curved backs to angular straight lines and can also be painted to fit in with a specific design or theme. They’re lightweight and easy to keep clean and are commonly used as part of a modern Mediterranean design

Wood chairs

The majority of solid wood chairs have a traditional feel and look about them and as such work very well in either a rustic or classic setting. They’re solidly built and if taken care of should last a long time. However because they’re solid, most are relatively heavy and therefore might not be a great choice if you need to continually move your furniture around. Most wooden chairs are better used in covered areas and are therefore best used indoors.

Aluminium seating

On the contrary aluminium chairs are great for outdoor use as they won’t fade, chip, or scratch. They make a great contemporary statement especially when coupled with stainless steel tables. What’s more, they’re lightweight and most are designed to be stacked. They come in many shapes from rounded backs with arms to straighter backs and no arms, so you should have no problem finding a style to suit.

Polypropylene chairs

If you’re after something modern and funky then why not opt for polypropylene seating. PP or plastic seating can be moulded into a wide variety of designs and shapes from the plain and simple to the positively wacky. They can also be painted in some pretty funky colours too. Hot pinks, sunburst yellows and electric blue can all be used to create a real statement with your furniture. Most PP chairs are treated so they’re both waterproof and weather proof. This means they won’t fade, crack, or warp and are therefore perfect for turning heads on a large outdoor terrace area.

Imitation Wicker/Rattan

Unlike the real thing, imitation rattan/wicker chairs aren’t prone to weather ageing so they’re ideal for outdoor use. They usually come with an aluminium or beech wood structure to give a solid feel, but are lightweight in design. Why not place them on a large terrace area along with aluminium tables to create a smart contemporary style.

So there you have it, a brief run-down on the different types of commercial-grade cafe chairs you can buy. The trick is to have a design in mind, work out the pros and cons of each chair type, and then make your decision based on an informed choice.

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