Booth Seating – Discover the Benefits

booth seatingWhether you’re just starting out or looking to upgrade your cafe seating, you might want to consider booth seating. This stylish seating is ideal for cafes and restaurants with limited space and is a real hit with customers. Not only does it provide more comfort but it also allows for a certain degree of privacy.

Booths are permanently fixed and when installed can provide straight or curved seating options according to the area and shape of your dining space. Let’s take a closer look at how booths could benefit your venue.

Booth seating – the benefits

One of the prime considerations when designing your interior space is to make full potential of every available metre of space to enable you to maximise your profits. Booth seating takes up less room than a table and four chairs which means you can accommodate more customers without creating a claustrophobic area.

Booth Seating – Aesthetics

Many cafe owners choose to place their booths around the perimeter edge of their dining area with the centre area filled with standard cafe tables and chairs. Our booth seats can be placed back to back along a window wall with tables in between.

Families, in particular, enjoy booth seating since it enables them to sprawl out and position young children on the inside so that they can’t fidget or get out of their seats. It’s also popular with freelance writers who are rewarded with a heap of space on which to place their laptop and documents.

Directs traffic flow

Booth seats can also be used to control the flow of foot traffic in a busy environment by creating a clear route to the kitchen or bathrooms and making it a lot easier for waiting staff to serve from just one side of the tables. It’s also a good idea to use a row of booth seating to zone different areas, such as the bar area or servery in a large restaurant.


Choosing the right fabric for your situation is another consideration. It’s critical when choosing booth seating since a large expanse of bulky furniture can look dull and boring. Booths with button backs, piping and even two-tone fabric all add interest and texture to an interior space.

Another consideration is the type of material used for upholstery. Since booths are naturally going to incur some element of spillages from food or drink, it pays to opt for a fabric that can be easily wiped clean such as vinyl. If you’re keen to use fabric then consider a patterned design that will be more forgiving.

So, there you have it – the benefits of booths. If you’re interested in booth seating then do take a look at our black vinyl booth in our online store. We provide speedy delivery across the whole of Australia or, if you prefer, why not call into our Melbourne showroom and take a closer look for yourself.