Refresh Your Cafe with IsotopTabletops

isotop tabletopsIf your cafe is looking a little tired or outdated it could be that all you need is a change of cafe furniture or simply some sparkling new Isotop tabletops. Since tables make up the majority of a cafe’s space, updating them can make a huge difference to the aesthetics and ambience of your venue.

Choosing the right tabletops for your cafe can be a daunting task with so many options to choose from which is why we’ve put together a few important things to consider that will make your task that much easier. So, let’s make a start …

Isotop tabletops – What size should I choose?

Isotop tabletops come in a wide range of sizes and shapes which makes it easier to maximise your floor space.

We always recommend measuring your floor space carefully and then making a floor plan using graph paper. Generally, the size of tabletop to choose depends on the space you have and how many customers you are hoping to cater to. In some instances, it can also depend on the type of food that you’re going to serve and whether lots of plates and serving dishes will be on the table at the same time.

It helps to know how many people a table can accommodate and typically a 600mm table, known as a bistro table, can seat 2 people whereas 700mm and 800mm tabletops are designed to accommodate 4 people. Most cafe owners find it useful to incorporate a mixture of table sizes that way their larger tables won’t be taken up by 1 or 2 people when a group of people need to be seated.

Typically, square Isotop table tops are the most popular choice because they can be easily pushed together to accommodate larger groups of people. That said, you might want to consider using 600mm round tabletops for those awkward corners and small recesses. We also stock larger rectangular tables should you opt for communal dining.

Isotop tabletops – What style should I choose?

Isotop table tops are manufactured using an innovative process that involves moulding wax, resin and plantation wood chip at a high temperature and finishing with a durable laminate coating. They also come in two thicknesses – 20mm (Sliq) and 35mm (standard). The former gives a modern contemporary look whereas the latter has a more rugged appeal.

When it comes to design, customers are spoilt for choice with beautiful wood patterns and natural material designs such as marble and cement. There is also a plain white tabletop for a crisp fresh look.

Wood patterns are great for creating a feeling of warmth and are suited to more traditional cafes whereas black marble (Alcantara) works well in a contemporary setting paired with glossy steel chairs or stools.

How about maintenance?

The last point to consider when buying Isotop tabletops is maintenance. Well, actually, you don’t need to think about maintenance because it isn’t necessary. Isotop tabletops are exceptionally durable and are heat and stain-resistant. furthermore, they’re coated with a protective UV layer which helps to prevent fading and are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. All that’s needed to keep them clean is a wipe with a damp cloth and a gentle cleansing solution.

Are you ready to shop Isotop Tabletops?

Here at Cafe Chairs Melbourne, we have a wide selection of tabletops for you to choose from. They can be purchased individually and will fit easily to most table bases. Should you need new tables bases, we can have a wide supply of those too. Alternatively, why not save money and buy our complete tables.

Browse our online store or if you prefer, why not visit our Melbourne showroom, we’d love to see you there.